Weekly roundup

I spent the first half of the week feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Turns out having your face battered is painful and it knocked me about in general, making me MEish and unwell.  For five days I could only eat soft foods, had to drink through a straw and cleaning my teeth made my toes curl.  Couple that with having my period and I felt proper miserable.  However, a lovely friend from my Camera Club rang me on Monday to see how I was and suggested we meet for tea and cake which was really kind of her and helped me feel less alone.

I had to buck myself up on Weds, though, as it was my Mum’s birthday and we were going out for lunch although first I had to go back to the hospital for my stitches out.  The Doctor had made a really nice job and so far it looks like the wound is healing well, which is a relief considering how uncooperative my skin can be.  Lunch was OK but when my Mum orders a humongous glass of wine it still makes me feel sick inside, though to be fair she is drinking a lot less than she used to.

Thursday I chased her GP up.  Back in April Mum had some bloods done and there were several warnings on the print-out.  Although the Doctor dealt with the acute kidney injury (the result of taking ibuprofen for back pain) she’s never once mentioned the fact that Mum is anaemic (haemoglobin 114 when it should be between 115-165, red blood cell count 3.57 when it should be between 3.8-5.8, haematocrit 0.339 when it should be 0.370-0.470 and red blood cell distribution width 16.5% when it should be under 14.8%).  In Mum’s case the anaemia could be down to two things: her chronic kidney disease or she’s low in iron for some reason, both of which are treatable with drugs or supplements.  Anaemia makes you very tired and can contribute to breathlessness and as Mum is already exhausted from heart failure and struggles to breathe due to advanced COPD I’m really angry that this has been ignored.  Apparently she’s been anaemic since last September when she had Guillain Barre and the Doctor has just put it down to being unwell, but for heaven’s sake that was 9 months ago so she’s ordered another blood test to check her iron levels, B12 and other red blood cell related stuff.  Once again, though, if I hadn’t requested a print-out of her results we’d be none the wiser and her anaemia would be going untreated.

We’re still having uncharacteristically good weather here in the north of England so I made myself do some much neglected jobs in the garden, even though I felt like crap, my right hand/thumb/wrist is still painful and I really didn’t want to.   I do feel good for getting it done but would still rather have been taking photos or simply chilling on my swing seat in the sun.  I fucking hate housework.

I found out who the designer of the couture wedding dress I bought was and sent my two pictures to her.  You never know what might come of something like this and I did hear back from her saying she’d love to work with me!  Considering she designed the outfit for the godmother of Pippa Middleton for the royal wedding this is a huge honour, but sadly she’s in London so it’s not going to happen.  However, she is going to use my photos on social media which gets me exposure.

I also had two sales of my photos this week 😀  A friend bought a large mounted print of one of my wedding dress pictures and I sold a large canvas of a local river on my Redbubble page (which desperately needs updating!).  The sales were a god send as I only had £4.65 in disposable income to last me the whole of June so although I didn’t make a fortune at least I can breathe a little bit!

I’m currently working on an image of a pig and needed a car tyre (don’t ask 😉 ), so at 9.30pm last night I legged it over the wall to my neighbour’s farm and…..erm…..borrowed one from a pile he has stacked in his yard.  Then I panicked in case he has CCTV and I was arrested, so if you don’t hear from me for a while I’m banged up 😉


1 thought on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Ok I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product of the pig and the tire. Congratulations on the sales and getting your images used by the designer of the dress. Good for you for reaching out to make that connection!

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