Weekly roundup

My week started off great……….. and ended up in A&E.   I’ve been having way too much fun this past fortnight with the lovely weather, relatively good health and fab days out with friends and we all know that me being happy isn’t allowed so the Universe decided to re-dress the balance.  The Bitch.

Tuesday I had another lovely day out at the seaside with a friend from my Camera Club.  We took a picnic lunch and tootled round taking photos of anything and everything while the sun beat down and the breeze cooled our skin.  Gorgeous-ness.

Thursday I had another idea in my head for a photo in my new wedding dress, so I got my spare room all sorted, wrangled myself into the dress and laced up the corset, took one test photo then went to check it on the screen, caught the dress on the tripod and the camera went a perla landing face down on my wooden floor 😦  Thankfully my £1000 camera body was fine but I smashed the lens to smithereeens.  Bugger and double bugger.  I have accidental damage on my house insurance though so immediately started hunting out receipts for my lens and taking photos as proof of the damage.  I rang the insurance company within the hour expecting to have to leap through burning hoops in order to get the lens replaced and was gobsmacked when the lady on the end of the line was lovely, didn’t ask for any kind of proof or even a photo, and told me a cheque would be put in the post the next day 😀  Mind you, I have had the policy for 30 years and this is only my third ever claim so I’m sure that helped.   I immediately went online and ordered a new lens which should be here by the start of next week.  Phew!  When I am camera-less I feel like I have a limb missing.

The next day, being unable to take any photos yet still enjoying a good spell of health, I decided to get to grips with some long overdue jobs in the house, including a big sort out in my “studio”, aka spare room, which I’d wanted to do for about three years!   I put lots of stuff up in the loft which was stupidly hard work on my own, but I felt really proud that I’d finally tackled it even though every joint in my body was now screaming and my head was totally fogged up with exhaustion.  I stood on the landing with the loft pole to push the loft door back up, got it nearly to the ceiling, the pole slipped and the door came swinging back down……….and smacked me square in the face.  OUCH!!!  I thought at first I was dazed but fine and then I realized my mouth was full of liquid, so I went to the bathroom, bent over the sink and the blood poured out.  Shit, I thought to myself, I’ve knocked my sodding teeth out but thankfully they were all intact and it turned out I’d split my lip right through to the inside.  I applied a cold, wet flannel for a good 10 minutes until the bleeding slowed down then took a look at the gaping 1cm cut on my face and decided I needed to get it looked at.  Gathered my stuff together, got the dog bungled in the car, and off we went into town which normally takes about 12-15 minutes.  Not today though.  Of course not.  There had been an accident on the motorway and all the traffic was diverted, so I sat for what felt like forever all the while dripping blood.  In the end it took 40 minutes to drive six miles, but I eventually dropped Bert off with my parents and headed up to A&E which was thankfully fairly quiet despite the fact it’s the school holidays.  Within a couple of hours the wound had been cleaned and stitched and I have to go back on Weds for a check, bearing in mind I often take longer to heal than a healthy person due to my hEDS.

It’s a shitty thing to have happened but I still feel incredibly grateful that I didn’t break my nose or knock my front teeth out.  Having said all that, I got home dazed, exhausted and feeling a bit sorry for myself and all I wanted was a cuppa, a soothing soak in the bath and to crawl into a clean bed.  Only my cleaner hadn’t been again this week and my bed was minging, so I set about stripping it and putting on fresh sheets.  I then fed the dog, emptied the dishwasher, re-stacked it and then finally had my bath.  It’s times like this that living alone is absolutely and utterly rubbish and a comforting hug and someone to look after me would have been heavenly.

I am so obsessed with my photography that the worst part of both accidents is that I’m brimming with ideas for photos yet am now camera-less and look like the Bride of Frankenstein!  It’s so frustrating, but at least it gives me the chance to edit some existing photos – click here to see one of the wedding dress I took last week with a back-drop taken during a particularly cold spell this winter.  It isn’t quite finished yet as the perspective is wrong on the wings and there’s something weird going on with the skin on my arm but you get the gist:

They say things come in threes so I’m spending the next week cocooned in bubble wrap, wearing a crash helmet and staying in bed out of harm’s way 😉



7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Perimenopause Ponderings

    Oh gosh that looks sore !! I have had some “incidents” doing jobs around the house. The weather looks amazing. My IG and FB feeds are fully of fun in the sun in the UK. Always makes me homesick 😕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen, The Walking Allergy

    I’m glad you didn’t have a traumatic brain injury!!!

    The photo is lovely! I make a bad artist but a great critic- On the right shoulder, there’s something not quite right. Something about the angle of the wing in reference to the shoulder. The left shoulder is in a relaxed position, the right is pushed back, so the wing angle shouldn’t be the same. The wings don’t match, either, but nobody’s looking that closely…
    don’t get me wrong- The overall impression is stunning! The narrative jumps off the page. It spurs the imagination to wonder why this woman is going somewhere cold and forbidding, Is she being forced, did she make an impossible choice, does she want you to follow, or is she saying farewell…? Delicious!

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      1. Jak Post author

        I’m glad I didn’t wreck my brain more than it’s already wrecked too Karen LOL! Thanks for the constructive criticism re the picture. As I said in the post I know the wings are wrong so I’ve re-done them for the final picture and they look much better 🙂 x

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