Weekly roundup

Summer has officially arrived here in the UK and the weather has been perfect – sunny, 20C and with a nice breeze.  I have felt brilliant for most of the week.  I do sooooo much better in nice weather, so long as it’s warm not hot.  My pain levels aren’t any less but I just have more energy and am usually more clear headed – I have no clue why.  The problem with this is that I then tend to do too much and end up in a heap on the floor.

I went to bed Sunday night excited.  I was having a day out the next day and was really looking forward to it but I should have known better than to think my body would co-operate.  I started with grumbling stomach pains at about 8pm.  My bowel had been playing up since my period ended eight days earlier so I thought it would just settle down.  Wishful thinking.  The pain got worse and worse until at 3am I gave up trying to sleep and risked taking some Junior Ibuprofen, which did eventually allow me to nod off some time around 4am.  Bertie woke me at 6am, however, so that was the end of that.

Two hours kip isn’t ideal for an M.E. person about to embark on a huge day out, but despite that and the continuing stomach pain Monday I had one of the best experiences of my life.  I went with a couple of friends from my Camera Club to a Castle in the south of Cumbria.  The weather was stunning, the Bluebells and Rhododendrons were in full flower and I had a perfect day (I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve said that in the last quarter of a century!).  The reason we went to the Castle is that they do bird displays, which were absolutely magical.  First were the owls, who flew above our heads and weaved in amongst the crowd to music.  Next were the birds of prey.  Vultures, Kites, Buzzards and Merlins whose aerial acrobatics, again to stunning music, took my breath away.   And the highlight of the day was feeding wild Heron in a sunlit meadow.  Herons are notoriously shy birds and I never thought in a million years I’d ever get to within 10 feet of one.  I know it’s not everyone’s idea of fun but it’s mine and I loved it 🙂
Last year a developer put in plans to build 10 large houses on a field next to my house.  The whole village was against it and successfully fought to have the plans rejected, but this week the developer put in fresh plans for 6 houses instead.  At the same time he’s appealed the rejection of the original plans to the Secretary of State, probably thinking we’ll be so busy fighting that we won’t have time to fight the new plans!  So Tuesday night I attended a Parish meeting to discuss the situation then had to put together objections to the new plans and submit them by Friday.

My post-exertional malaise usually comes on 48 hours after I’ve done something, so I woke on Wednesday feeling like I’d been trampled by a herd of wild elephants wearing hobnail boots.  It was my cleaning day but my Cleaner, whose Dad is terminally ill, didn’t show up for the second week running so despite feeling like crap I had to change the bed sheets, do some laundry and clean the worst bits of the house.  I could have done without it and manage to injure my wrist and thumb which are now in a brace.

Thursday I’d arranged to visit an animal park half an hour’s drive away with my best mate which probably wasn’t my best ever plan considering  I was sore and exhausted, but we still had a giggle at the goat racing and ferret hurdling, plus I stuffed my face with veggie burger and fries and still had room for a pudding 😉
Saturday I got my garden furniture out of the shed.  It hasn’t seen the light of day for 2 years cos last summer the sun forgot to arrive, and mice had nibbled two ginormous holes in my swing seat cover, but I’m just grateful it’s nice enough to sit outside even if the local midgies think I’m breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Of course, I came inside at noon to watch Harry and Meghan get married.  I keep waiting for my prince to come but he’s taking his sodding time and I hope when he eventually turns up he isn’t ginger with a beard.  He can be as rich as he likes but and I wouldn’t mind if he had a dysfunctional family cos mine would fit right in 😉




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