Weekly roundup

I’m shattered.  The last few weeks have been quiet, but this week everything’s happened at once and I’m feeling like a wound down Duracell bunny who’s had a blow to the head.

In the new year plans were submitted for a housing development in a field next to my house.  We all fought hard to have it rejected and thankfully the local planners turned it down.  New plans were submitted for a much smaller development of 6 houses, more in keeping with the tiny hamlet where I live, which we were all basically happy with however on Monday we learned that the developer has appealed the original decision which is going to the Secretary of State in June.  FFS.  So now it’s a mad scramble to learn as much as we can about planning laws so that we can fight it……..again.

Tuesday my Dad took me through to the city for an opthamology appointment regarding my severe eye floaters.  The Doctor took one look and told me they were so bad I’d have to be referred to a better hospital, so I’m now waiting for an appointment at the RVI in Newcastle.   She also worried me by saying she’d seen something other than floaters in my eyes, so lord knows what that’s all about.

Wednesday my kettle decided to die, so I’ve had to fork out £90 for a new one.  Every sodding time I get on my feet financially something happens to stick me back in the red again.  I love my kettle though – it’s one that stays just below boiling all the time so I have instant hot water 24/7 for both cooking and brew making.  Plus it’s push button – tipping my old kettle up killed my wrist.

Thursday I drove an hour to the coast with my Mum for a bone density scan.  By the time she was 54 she’d lost one third of the bone mass in her spine from Osteoporosis.  It runs in our family as her Mum suffered, as did her sister and niece.  She was put on HRT in her mid fifties and her bone health improved substantially, however she started spotting so was taken back off HRT and put on weekly Alendronate (Fosamax) tablets instead.  Her bones were never monitored after that, though, so we’ve no idea how helpful or not it was.  A few years ago an injection was approved for the treatment of osteoporosis so Mum switched to that every 6 months, but again we’ve no idea if it’s been working.  She hasn’t had a bone density scan now for 20 years which is a sodding disgrace.  She shouldn’t be having to ask the GP to refer her, especially as she’s already had a fractured wrist.

This weekend there has been a big photography event at which my Camera club had an exhibition.  Friday I volunteered to help set everything up, not knowing that out of the four other volunteers one would bugger off after the first half hour and two others after the first hour, which left me and another woman to put up over 100 prints.  It took 3½ hours and I was so exhausted and in so much pain by the time I got home I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Saturday was International M.E. Awareness day.  There were lots of articles in local papers here in the UK, appearances on TV and radio by people affected by M.E. and a short documentary on the plight of sufferers was made which can be seen here.  I post stuff about M.E. on Facebook all the time but I’m sure only other M.E. sufferers ever read or view it which kind’ve defeats the object :-/

And as if all that weren’t enough I had my period.  When are they going to STOP?!!!!!  On the plus side though some of them aren’t as painful as they used to be endometriosis-wise and this month I have not had a migraine during my period despite the fact I’m exhausted and really busy, hurrrrahhh!

Two lovely things have happened this week too which really lifted me.  When I was at the photography exhibition, another photographer who’s on my FB page but who I don’t know well came up to me and told me she loved seeing the photos I post on Facebook and how well I did considering my ill health and everything else I have to cope with.  And I also received a truly lovely message off a lady in New Zealand I ‘met’ through following each other’s blogs on our dogs, who told me how proud she was of me for my photographic achievements and how much she enjoyed seeing all my photos.  How fabulous of these two ladies to take time out of their day to give me support and encouragement – made me feel all warm ‘n fuzzy inside 🙂




5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Perimenopause Ponderings

    Very sorry to hear you have had a crappy week. The two good things hopefully made up for it. It must be a thing in the UK since I left as there is a big commitee forming in my home village to keep abreast of the affordable housing proposed. It isnt in a good spot at all. Although better than a max security prison just announced on our doorstep. People up in arms !! Hope this week is better 😊


    1. Jak Post author

      OMG if a prison arrived next door I’d be on the first bus outta here! The Government are intent on building as many homes as they can. Doesn’t matter how tiny they are or how unsuitable for a modern family, or whether they are destroying the environment. We are a tiny island – the issue is over-population which is what Brexit was all about really. People thought that by stopping immigration it would help the over-crowding – nothing to do with being racist which is what the rest of the world portrayed Britain as! x

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  2. danieljuk

    How annoying with the planning coming back! Ealing had a project that went to the secretary of state for appeal about 10 years ago. It was an awful idea to build a tall building called “the leaf” designed by Norman Foster. It was a totally unworkable plan and would not fit in the area at all. The secretary of state rejected it! However London is ruined by dodgy decisions and I think today would go through probably, the sky line is now a mess. I hope your building fails! I just learnt that developers can take a commercial and industrial building and turn it residential with no building control or planning! It’s happening near me and I am worried if will overlook me.

    London water wrecks kettles! You either have two choices, a really cheap one that will last 6 months or pay loads. I paid about your price for one recently but you can repair the element for life! I hope it keeps going

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    1. Jak Post author

      It’s good to know the Secretary of State rejects clearly unsuitable schemes! The deadline for our objections was yesterday so now it’s just a waiting game.

      We’re quite lucky with our water here as it’s soft and doesn’t contain much limescale. I’ve gone for another expensive stay-warm kettle with a push button – I can’t tip a regular kettle as it’s too painful for my wrists. I do love having hot water on tap without having to wait for the kettle to boil! If and when I ever move to a bungalow I’m going to have one of those hot water taps fitted x

      Liked by 1 person


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