Weekly roundup

I was delighted with how well my brain in particular coped with my Photography day away last Sunday.  I had to be up, dressed and breakfasted by 7am (which anyone with M.E. will know is a killer), take the dog out then carry on into town to drop him off at my parents’ before being picked up at 8.15am.  I can get travel sick going ten minutes up the road so was dreading the seventy minute car journey but thankfully all was fine and I had a really clear head all day, yay 🙂  That’s the good news.  The bad news is my  back screamed the entire time and having to sit upright  for hours on plastic chairs with my feet on the floor (hard work on a good day) meant that by 11am I was in so much pain I actually felt both sick and faint.  In the end I gave up all self respect, took my shoes off, put my feet up on the chair and sat squirming in every conceivable position which must have driven the people sitting behind me bonkers.  I loved looking at all the wonderful pictures but my back is still hurting a week on.

Weds my Mum was at the hospital for cataract surgery.  My Dad took her and while her surgery went to plan my poor Dad had one of his severe dizzy spells while she was in theatre.  The GP had told him to request help, so bless him he told the receptionist who directed him to A&E.  They were great, did a heart trace and bloods but the results didn’t show anything untoward.  Just before it happened his leg had simply collapsed beneath him and he would have fallen if he hadn’t been next to a set of wheelie bins.  He has mild spinal stenosis, has had leg weakness for a year now and has been frightened they would just give way on him, but the spinal Consultant told us back in February that wouldn’t happen so now I’m not sure what’s going on.  The GP had told me to keep her informed of his dizziness, so I wrote her a letter telling her what had happened.  My Dad has also recently been found to have an IgA kappa paraprotein band in his blood work which can be a sign of melanoma or just be labelled as having “unknown significance” (a condition called MGUS).  Without any further tests my Dad has been diagnosed with MGUS, however leg and back pain, fatigue and kidney problems can be a sign of melanoma and he has all three.  So I included that in my letter to his GP who bless her is lovely and new to the practice after my Dad’s own GP left suddenly last month to care for his sick wife.  I then received a phone call from the practice to say the GP wants to speak to me this week about the contents of my letter, so we’ll see what she has to say.  I’m just conscious from my own experience that each Consultant only sees his or her part of the puzzle and often no-one looks at the bigger picture.

While out walking Bertie on Thursday I found a bird’s wing which I brought home thinking it might come in handy for a photograph.  I decided to try something a bit different and minimalist and this photo is what I came up with.  I don’t know if you can see from this small image but I’ve superimposed an owl’s face onto the feather.

Friday night was our annual awards dinner for my Camera Club when we have our trophy presentations.  I only go out socially in the evening about 3 times a year so I was really looking forward to it and spending time with my lovely friends who I don’t really get much chance to chat to at busy Club nights.  However, I arrived to find that the lady who had organized the event had this year taken it upon herself to do a seating plan and I wasn’t sitting with any of my friends.  Instead I was on a table consisting of mainly quiet people I have zero in common with and one I didn’t know from Adam.  I could have cried and my good friend, who is quite reserved and struggles to chat to people she doesn’t know well, felt the same way.  Three other people came up to me and said how unhappy they were about the situation so I went up the organizer and told her it had not been a good decision.  She took the right hump and became very defensive.  At the end of the night I and my friend overheard her slagging me off at the bar to anyone who would listen, which is hugely unprofessional from a member of the Club’s committee.  For a start I hadn’t done anything wrong other than have a different view point to her and for seconds is the remit of a Camera Club to help people with their photography or does it include telling people who they can, and can’t, speak to at social events?  And if you do decide the remit of the Club is to dictate social events the rule should apply to all.  However, married club members were allowed to sit together yet us singletons weren’t allowed to sit with our friends which doesn’t seem fair to me.  Any kind of emotional stress makes me feel really ill and I was in tears with exhaustion and disappointment on the drive home.  I then didn’t get to sleep til 3am due to all the adrenalin and today feel like I’ve been it by an express train.  The fact that she’s going round telling other people I was the only one to make a fuss really pisses me off.  My quieter friends are too intimidated by her to say anything but I’m not, so I spoke for all of us then of course I’m in the firing line and the target of her friend’s wrath who of course will take her side.  To add insult to injury they started the awards part of the evening when I was in the loo having a wee and I missed my trophy presentation 😦

This weekend is the deadline for my appeal to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service about my PHI complaint.  My brain is like mush from stress, pain and lack of sleep but I have to get it done.  I’m going all the way with it and asking for a referral to the actual Ombudsman – I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Wish me luck!




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