Weekly roundup

Last week’s Roundup was late, this week’s is early and yet again I’ve not had the chance to do a blog post this week – can you tell life isn’t plodding along as usual?!

The people at the Met Office had forecast a mini heatwave this week so I thought I should shave off Bertie’s thick winter coat so he was nice and cool.  However, the groomer who’s been coming to the house to clip him has let me down on three occasions in the last 6 months so I’ve had to ditch her which meant muggings here had to do it herself.  It takes about 4 hours from showering to the finishing touches, kills my back and hands, then I spend days sneezing as I’m allergic to his dander.  Needless to say I hate doing it and just pray I find another mobile groomer soon.

Both my parents had blood results returned this week and both were abnormal.  My Mum’s cholesterol was 9.6 despite the fact she is on the highest dose of statins available.  She also has a low red blood cell count and abnormal RBC width, alongside new onset acute kidney disease (she already has advanced chronic kidney disease).  My Dad still has an IgA kappa paraprotein band which shouldn’t be there and new onset chronic kidney disease.  On top of that his ECG results must have been abnormal as he’s been referred to the heart unit at the Hospital.  He’s always had a slow heart rate, but it must have now dropped below 60 hence the referral.  He’s also suddenly developed severe dizzy spells and vomited so much last week during one he blocked the bathroom drain 😦  He’s never smoked, rarely drinks, his cholesterol is lower than mine and I’m vegetarian, and he’s exercised his entire life (as in run marathons, done 50 mile bike rides and now he’s nearly 80 still goes fell walking for hours each week), yet he still has a heart problem.  Which just goes to show much of the healthy living advice is bollocks.  He’s been advised that if he has another severe vertigo attack with vomiting he has to call an ambulance, so I’m assuming they think he has bradycardia and is at risk of a heart attack.

Wednesday night I attended my first committee meeting for my Camera Club.  I’ve taken on a volunteer role which means I can now attend committee meetings if I so wish and I wanted to discuss a few points with the other Members.  It was an interesting experience.  It’s obvious that some Members have very busy lives and they simply don’t have the time to carry on with their posts on the committee but will they give them up?  No.  The job just continues to be done badly because they can’t hand over their power to anyone else.  It’s nuts to me but then I don’t have much of an ego really and certainly wouldn’t put my own desire to feel important over the best interests of a Club full of other people.

I went to bed following the meeting fine……..and woke up Thursday morning barely able to move.  Something’s happened to my back again and having just got it right from last month’s shenanigans I’m gutted.  This time the pain is only on the left side but it’s probably the most pain I’ve ever been in with my back – fucks knows what I’ve done but I am miserable 😦

This weekend is my best mate’s birthday.  She’s spending the day with her other half so we’d arranged on Thursday night to go for pizza then to a comeday club in the city.  Thanks body for crippling me on the one day in the year I was doing something fun and different.  I had no idea how I was going to cope as I could barely drive the car but I ploughed on and had as good a time as possible bearing in mind sitting was agony.  I barely got a wink of sleep that night though as I couldn’t find a single position which wasn’t painful.

The mini heatwave arrived, the first warm sun we’ve seen since last August, and I was stuck in bed sleep deprived and in pain.  There are days I fucking hate my life.

The reason I’m doing my Roundup today and not on Sunday is that tomorrow I am attending a Photography day 80 miles away.  I’m having to leave the house at 7.45am and probably won’t be back til 8pm, which is a massive undertaking on a good day and I have no clue how I’m going to get through when I’m in this much pain and sitting is like a form of torture.  FFS.

As if all that weren’t bad enough I heard back from the Financial Ombudsman’s Service and they have rejected my PHI complaint.  I now have until 30th April to decide if I want to appeal to the actual Ombudsman, which I probably will as I have nothing to lose.  I am INCENSED that disabled women can be discriminated against and it is fucking legal.  Legal!  How can treating me differently to men or healthy women ever be justified?!  The thing that makes me more mad than anything though is that no-one gives a shit.  I’ve tried to get everyone from the Pension’s Minister to the Disabled Law Centre to the media to Liberty interested and they couldn’t care fucking less.  Well, I’m not an immigrant or an ex Russian spy so why would they?

On that cheery note I shall love you and leave you.   Until next week my friends.



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