Weekly roundup

My neighbour’s funeral is on Wednesday.  There was no post mortem and the cause of death was apparently “natural”.  Quite what’s natural about falling in the middle of the night because you can barely walk and have been left alone is beyond me, but it comes as no surprise.

I have begun a new battle with my insurance company about my Income Protection policy, which I’ve written about before.  They will tell me to get stuffed and I shall refer the situation to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service.  I’ll do a full post on what’s been going on when I next hear back from them.

I bought my first Christmas present this week.  I can’t leave it til December in case I have a rough patch and am too unwell to do the whole Yuletide thing, so it’s good to have made a start even though I fucking hate having to think about Christmas when we’re barely into November!

I’ve done something to my knee and can hear something snapping when I walk.  Went to bed fine and woke the next morning hobbling.  It has two choices, it will either sort itself out or it won’t.  I’ll just stick my knee brace on, trundle about on my irritating crutches and try to forget about it.

All in all though I’ve had a relaxing week, with some time to myself (although a whole day was lost to a migraine).  Ironic I should get that now and not on my “holiday” but I’ll take it when I can get it!

Wednesday night we had our first print competition of the new season at my Camera Club and I am delighted to say I received joint first place with this photo of a family friend.  To be fair, with a fabulous face like that to photograph I couldn’t really go wrong could I?

I also spent a couple of hours having huge fun in my spare bedroom in my new dress-up costume.  The resulting photo still needs a bit of work but you get the gist.  Having never had long hair in my entire life I freakin’ love that blonde wig though the DHL chap got a bit of a shock when I opened the door to take a parcel from him in full medieval queen regalia 😉



5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Congratulations on the photography award! : ) I remember when you first posted it and it’s a great photo. I would have loved to see the expression on the DHL driver’s face! Hope the knee sorts itself out and you can go back to being two-footed again.

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  2. Sarah

    Well done you x
    Your family friend reminds me that I wanted to watch a programme called mountain men! At least it makes a change from all the alien, ufo shit I’ve become addicted to
    With regards to opening your door, at least you have clothes on. I’ve turned into a teenage boy, bought some boxer shorts for comfort and spending so much time in bed, I now whip me trousers off at the drop of a hat. You know what, boxers don’t give me a wedgie and are so much more comfortable! My mum asked if I was going to keep my phone in my convenient front pouch if you know what I mean, but told me to take it off vibrate! She’s 78 and has a dirty mind 😂
    I hope the funeral goes ok tomorrow. Poor, poor woman. What a way to go 😥



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