Weekly roundup

My stay-cation was a total disaster.  There was simply so much going on with my parents, the housing development, my Camera Club and various other stuff that I literally had 2 relaxing days during the whole fortnight, so I extended my holiday for another week only to spend the entire time in bed with horrendous period/endo/menopause symptoms which one night ended with me bawling my eyes out and thinking I can’t take it any more.  I’ve gone through a lot with my illnesses, so for me to say I don’t think I cope with these symptoms for another day shows how bad they were.  My period is now thankfully over for another month, but it’s made my ME bad and I’m fluey, weak, nauseous, fuddled, have a sore throat and legs like lead.  Yay.

On Friday, my 90 year old neighbour who can barely walk, has a recently broken arm which hasn’t set properly so is wonky and weak, a raging skin disease which leads to open sores, and terminal lung cancer was sent home from Hospital.  Knowing she was returning I did actually write to the Hospital and explain she has an infestation of both mice and cockroaches in her kitchen and the downstairs room she is now sleeping in but they sent her home anyway.  Who the hell in the 21st Century does that?!  She is having Carers come in for 15 minutes four times a day to help her dress and prepare meals (what can you realistically get done in 15 sodding minutes?!) and the Carers have been informed of the vermin and insects.  The Carer on the first day said to me “oh we had mice as kids, they didn’t do us any harm”.   My reply was “people lived in ways 50 years ago that we now realize maybe weren’t all that healthy plus you didn’t have cancer.”  FFS.

I have my Mum back.  The Mum I grew up with.  She rings me up just to tell me little snippets of news and we have proper conversations when I visit.  That’s because she hasn’t been drinking since she came out of hospital because she can’t  leave the house to get alcohol.  She hasn’t been sober for 7 years and I can’t tell you how lovely it is to not have to deal her drinking.  I’ve missed her and the close relationship we’ve always had.

I had to make an emergency appointment at the GPs for my Dad last week after his leg gave way beneath him.  He’s been having leg pain and weakness for a couple of months now which, considering he still walks 6 miles up the fells every week and is physically as fit as a Mallee Bull, is unusual.  The Doctor thinks it might be spinal, eg stenosis, so is sending him for an MRI scan.  The last sodding thing I need is for my Dad to have mobility issues on top of my Mum’s paralysis 😦  He’s also had his 6 monthly check-up at the Memory Clinic and although his scores are still relatively good he has gone down in a couple of areas, so he’s now seeing the Consultant for an assessment.  I’ve definitely noticed a deterioration in him this year and he regularly now mutters to himself under his breath, needs prompting more to remember things and help with meals.

To end on a more upbeat note, I had a lovely (if tiring) day yesterday.  Each year my Camera Club has a competition with 6 other Camera Clubs in our area, culminating in judging and a buffet, and this year we were hosting the event.  84 images were entered and I’m delighted to say I won joint 2nd place with this image 🙂

After watching a trailer for a film set in medieval days, I also had an idea to photograph myself in the woods dressed like a maiden (don’t ask LOL!).  So I bought a cheap frock and wig off Ebay and toddled myself off.  I chose 10.30am on a week day thinking that I wouldn’t be seen by anyone but no such luck.  A dog walker went past with his Labrador and came back for a second glance as he obviously thought he was hallucinating, and the land owner himself came to ask what I was up to as he was worried I was going to commit suicide or something 😀  Considering I had to get myself in position in front of the camera and click the shutter by remote control, then get up and go and check each image before starting the whole process over again (which isn’t ideal), one of the images came out OK and I have to admit the whole long dress and blonde flowing locks thing was surprisingly nice (deep down maybe I’m more girlie than I like to admit!). Maidens aren’t supposed to be 50 though, so I admit to smoothing out a few of my wrinkles in Photoshop in the hopes of making myself look 30 years younger 😉

This week it’s back to the grind stone, not that I ever really left the grind stone alone, although first I have to endure the noise and choking pollution of Bonfire Night.  I always think if it’s not raining I’ll go and take some photos of the fireworks, but when 6pm arrives and I’m knackered and in my warm, snuggly bed it’s all too much effort, so I’ll give Bertie a reassuring cuddle, stick my earplugs in and watch the whizzs and bangs from my window instead.



4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Sarah

    Love the photos 🙂Bet it’s been a while from reading your posts that you’ve had a bit of wood between your legs 😉
    I’m glad to hear about things going well with your mum. I must admit carers going in to your neighbours for 15 mins means they can barely nuke a microwave meal. Mmmm, how nutritious.
    Friday night I set Alexa (amazon echo) on soothing music for the guinea pigs and the cat so it drowned out the noise of the fireworks. They went to sleep with sounds of the forest, which I also set to go off after an hour. Last night I asked Alexa to do the same again, this time she decided to play soothing country music. Well this man with the deepest voice close to Barry White came on. I drowned out the fireworks with uncontrollable laughter mixed in with the odd “yee har”

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