Having a break

I’m going to be absent from my blog for a couple of weeks.  My Mum is particularly unwell atm since the bloody stupid lung nurse messed with her inhalers and my Dad obviously needs more support having just lost his Mum.

On top of that, both my Mum’s cleaner, my cleaner and my dog walker are all on holiday for the next fortnight.  Great timing when I’m planning and organizing my own birthday party, the first party I’ve had since I was 6 years old.

And my health has been crap-o-la recently, in particular my hormones are causing havoc.  All of which is culminating in me feeling pulled in too many directions and like I’m not getting enough rest.  I need to get off the goddamn computer and chill out when I get the chance, though naturally I will miss you all.

Catch up when I get back.

Jak x


13 thoughts on “Having a break

  1. Lisa

    Geez Louise! It never rains, but it pours with us spoonies aye? I hope your Ma gets better quickly and you are in less pain so you can have a very happy, memorable and fun birthday party! You deserve it Jak! Don’t forget some Bowie on that playlist!!! Happy Birthday xxx



  2. Lindsay

    Hope your mum is better soon. You’re a good daughter. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too! I will look forward to your return and reading your posts again.


  3. Laetitia Lalila

    Dear Jak, we’re happy to hear that you look after yourself, that you take some time off to relax a bit. Guard your peace of mind and your body with all your might! It is only normal after all of the events lately.

    In the meantime, we can read some of your older posts, to have your thoughts and your voice with us. Here is one of my favorites: https://mastcellblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/16/findjoy/
    Know that we will be there with you also. I’m sending you all of my love and prayers, and a big big hug!


  4. Alison

    Just discovered your blog today (Aug. 22), and so happy I did. Looking forward to your return to writing when the time is right. And until then, wishing you and your family the best.


    1. Jak Post author

      Bless your heart Laetitia. I’m actually having a shocking time as my Mum has been very poorly for weeks now, and on Wednesday became paralysed out of the blue and was rushed into hospital 😦 So my Dad and I are doing 120 miles a day visiting her – you can imagine how exhausted I am after just a few days with the travel and all the stress. So your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

      How are things with you?
      Jak x


      1. Laetitia Lalila

        Oh no, that’s such sad, sad news to hear. 😦 I know how much your Mum means to you, and how taxing travelling is on your body… it must be devastating! I wish I could do something to ease your suffering, like giving you a hug or cooking you a meal…
        I am also having an exceedingly difficult time, health wise. Thanks for taking the time to ask, with all that is going on in your life. I try my best to hang on. We will come out of this! One day at a time, one little stubborn step in front of the other.


  5. Laetitia Lalila

    Dear Jak, I know your birthday should be coming up these days, and want to send you my best wishes. Hope you’ll manage to find some form of stability, through this most difficult times. Sending you many hugs, xoxo


  6. d

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom Jak. I hope she is doing better and that you are managing the challenges of caring for her and your dad while keeping a finger hold on your health. Thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.



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