Weekly roundup

I’ve got to be honest, this week hasn’t had many saving graces.   My Mum is still really sick but despite ringing the health centre at 2pm last Friday afternoon I couldn’t even get to speak to a Doctor let alone see one.  The only thing available was an appointment with the Practice Nurse who said her chest and throat were fine and she didn’t need any medication, which we knew was bullshit and Mum continued to decline over the weekend.  You can’t ring for an appointment on a Monday morning because the phone is rammed, so I told my Dad to physically go up to the Health Centre for 8.30am and get her in to see a proper Doctor as an emergency.  Even at that time in the morning there were 10 people waiting in the queue infront of him (!) but he did manage to get her in to see a Doctor at 10am, who prescribed not only another lot of penicillin but six steroid tablets a day for a week and a third inhaler.  FFS, if she’d been prescribed those on Friday night she wouldn’t have had the horrendous weekend she did.  Makes my blood boil.

She was only slightly better by Wednesday and still had a raging sore throat.  Fortuitously she had her yearly appointment with the respiratory nurse, who told her the sore throat was a severe case of thrush due to her steroid inhaler.  Why the hell hadn’t this been picked up by the practice nurse or the bloody doctor?!  So she’s now on a spray for her throat and has been taken off her steroid inhaler for a month and given a different one.  She’s still coughing her lungs off but at least she’s now started sleeping better and eating again, after a month of not doing either.

To make things worse, my Dad got a call from the Care Home where his Mum is to say that they think she’d had a heart attack and had slipped into a coma.  She’s 104, can’t walk, can’t hear, can’t see and is totally doolally so to be fair her death would be a blessing.  My Dad and his Sister then spent most of Thursday and Friday sat next to her bedside, only for her to rally and ask for some dinner!  So it looks like she’s not dying after all which I’m not sure is a good thing.

Inbetween all that drama I had the news about Liberty not taking my discrimination case, and heard from Tesco that they’re not upholding my complaint about Bertie’s insurance being increased by 700%, so I was proper down in the dumps.  To add insult to injury I seem to have pulled something in my left hip and something in my right shoulder, so I’m hobbling and having difficulty using my arm.  No clue how either injury happened.  There are times when life seems like one long struggle and I simply don’t have the energy to keep climbing uphill.

To take my mind off everything I decided to work on a photography idea I nicked off the internet.  My cousin actually thought it was real and that I’d painted the landscape scene myself lol!  If I could paint like that I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t be as skint as I am 😉


7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Jack.

    Hi J.,

    When I was given a steroid inhaler for the lung infection (which set off my M.E.) my wife, a pharmacologist, told me that after using the inhaler I should wash my mouth out three times, then gargle gargle three times to prevent thrush. I’d developed asthma.
    Suggest you advise your poor mum to do this, if she doesn’t do this already.




      1. Jak Post author

        Sorry to hear you’ve developed asthma Jack 😦 My Mum has been on the steroid inhaler for over 5 years now, ever since her lung surgery, and does wash her mouth out every time. I think the thrush has taken hold because she’s so run down with her chest and throat infections and obv not eating properly. The respiratory nurse is going to change her inhalers next month anyway though because there is a new one out now which is apparently brilliant – fingers crossed! She’ll go down from using 2 inhalers a day to just 1, which would be fab. Jak x

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