Weekly roundup

Another week lost to my hormones and last night I woke at 2am feeling tearful and unable to cope.  That’s not like me at all and I had to give myself a good talking to and reassure myself it was the peri-menopause and it would pass, but I can’t lie – it was scary and I feel very emotionally fragile today.  However, the week has had its good points (more on that later) so you’ll be pleased to know it wasn’t a total write-off.

It’s been a month now since Liberty said they might take on my PHI case and I have been on absolute pins waiting to hear their life altering decision.  And I have waited.  And I have waited.  And in the end I got bloody sick of waiting and emailed my contact there.  Who I learned has now left the organisation.  FFS.  So I rang their advice line, which is only open between 6.30pm and 8.30pm Mons and Thurs.  Monday I rang 25 times and the line was permanently engaged, then they cut the phone off at 8.20pm, ten minutes before they actually close.  Not something anyone should do to a middle aged hormonal woman 😉  Furious, I emailed their general office (which you’re not supposed to do with a legal query) informing them of my situation and asking them to get the legal department to ring me.  And have they?  That would be a big fat no.  How they ever get laws changed is a mystery, cos so far they’ve been a bloody useless shower.  I’ve been trying for 5 years now to get someone to help me and no-one gives a shit.  I should be used to no-one giving a shit, after all I’ve been ill for over two decades and no-one has ever given a shit, but just for once I had hope that someone would care that I’m being treated badly and want help.  I should know better.

My period finally arrived on Wednesday and the relief was enormous.  I spent the entire day in a brilliant mood, dancing and singing, kissing the dog and loving everyone I met.  Well, almost everyone.  I still don’t love the guy with the upholstery business up my drive who lets his customers park outside my garage which blocks my car in despite a two foot “NO PARKING” sign, and I still don’t love the farmer next door who has had a horrendously noisy fan going for ten hours a day all week drying his grain so I’ve had to have all my windows shut despite the fact it’s been 26C outside, but I loved everyone else so that was nice 😉

Did I tell you that after Tesco put up my pet insurance to £122 a month I emailed the CEO of Tesco Bank to whinge (you can just google most CEOs email addresses online)?  Well, I received a reply from one of his minions this week saying the email had been passed to the Investigation Team from whom I would hear shortly.  I know exactly what their response will be and it won’t contain the line “we’re going to reduce your premium back to £19 a month for the lifetime of your dog” will it, so it’s all a bit pointless.  However, I do encourage anyone being unfairly treated by any company to email the CEO because if we all complained to The Boss more they might stop ripping off their customers.  I also made sure I told Mr Higgins in my email that I had already reported my case to the Financial Conduct Authority, who are also a fucking useless shower but he’s not to know that.

Sent to me by my lovely reader Laetitia 🙂

Can you remember my thoughtful and generous friend at Camera Club who bought me Photoshop Elements 13 as a gift?  Well to say thank you I took him out for lunch this week, where we spent two happy hours discussing all things photographic.  It’s great to talk to people who share my passion for photography because the subject bores everyone else I know shitless and even the dog yawns when I ask him if he has any ideas for next season’s Millennium Trophy competition 😀

Speaking of photos, I persuaded my neighbour to pose for me in a weird picture I had in my mind.  It’s a bit different to my usual stuff but I still think it came out OK all things considered:

Last autumn I was up the lakes taking photos of the stunning scenery and got chatting to another woman doing the same thing.  We hit it off instantly and although we live over an hour’s drive from each other agreed to meet up for a shoot sometime.  Well the sometime was Thursday evening and, despite the fact I was in the middle of my period and felt really crap, we met to photograph the sunset.  Sadly the sunset didn’t happen – it just went from blue sky to black sky with no red in the middle – but we still had a brilliant time.  She’s a warm, intelligent, open, funny, empathetic, enthusiastic-about-life kinda girl and right up my street.   To be honest, when I was lying in bed at 3pm that afternoon feeling like I’d been run over by a bus I was dreading having to get dressed, drive up the lakes, be all chatty and fun, then drive the hour home and I did, in fact, end up so ill I had to stop the car twice on the way back because I thought I was going to barf, but I was still glad I went.  We had loads in common (including endometriosis!) and never stopped laughing and I know I’ve made a new pal 🙂

Fri and Sat I spent mostly in bed recovering from going out on Thursday evening!  You’d think I’d been on an all night drink and drugs binge rather than sitting by a beautiful lake for a couple of hours and my head still feels mashed three days on.  Going anywhere at night absolutely floors me :-/  However, I must get my backside out of bed today because I need to visit my Mum, who is poorly again.  I think I told you she ended up on Penicillin after catching a bug off my Dad, but now she’s finished the tablets the virus is back with a vengeance and as if that weren’t bad enough there’s been some mix up with her inhalers and she’s been given the wrong one.  I couldn’t get her in to see a Doctor on Friday but she did see the Nurse Practitioner, who said her chest and throat were clear and wouldn’t give her any more antibiotics.  But my poor Mum spent a solid hour coughing yesterday morning until her one remaining lung was on fire and she still can’t speak, eat or sleep so there’s something going on and I’ll get her in to see the Doctor on Monday if it’s the last thing I do.  When I asked her how she was this morning her reply was “I just feel lost” which broke my heart 😦






5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Elaine Stammers

    First, I love your unusual photo!

    Second, having been through the perimenopause, without all the extras that you have to cope with – I remember it as a very challenging and emotional time. I once climbed a mountain when I was overdue (the only one I have ever climbed actually) and the fact I managed it was amazing and the period started the next day – oh the relief!

    Thirdly, I would echo what you said about contacting a CEO via that useful site online. I have done the same on several occasions. The best one was to the CEO of GWR after a particularly stressful train journey, and had a really kind and helpful reply, plus 2 free first class tickets to any destination of my choice.

    Having read some of your blog – prompted by an interest in having a milder version of some of what you suffer infinitely worse (I have ME/CFS, and hypermobility but probably not EDS, and have had some brushes with what I thought was Mast Cell issues but not sure and seem to have got it stabilised, and I also have hypothyroidism), thank you for sharing as you do. It’s been so useful to get a personal and detailed view of some of those issues.


    1. Jak Post author

      So sorry to hear that you are suffering similar symptoms to me Elaine. though I’m pleased my blog has been helpful – it’s always comforting to know we’re not alone, especially when some of our symptoms are downright weird.

      Well done on your free train tickets, that’s brilliant 🙂

      Jak x


  2. Laetitia Lalila

    Dear Jak, I’m so sorry to hear about your hard time last night and your mum’s health problems. IT IS very hard to cope and you are doing your absolute best. Let me give you a virtual hug,
    (つ . •́ _ʖ •̀ .)つ as this is all I can give you, altough you deserve much more, like a medal, or inscription on a Hall of Fame or retirement money or something. I was very hopeful that Liberty would take on your case.. maybe if you pester them again after some days? Anyways, I admire your determination.
    I wish your mother will get well soon!



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