Weekly roundup

My parents have both been poorly this week.  My Dad got some kind of cough virus, which of course he passed on to my Mum.  My Dad felt a bit rubbish for two days then was fine, but because of my Mum’s heart and lung disease she’s been really ill and is now on penicillin.  The very last thing I need is a virus, so I didn’t see either of them for five days which I feel guilty about but we all agreed I should stay away.  Consequently I’ve had a rather boring week and barely left the house.  The fact the weather has been rubbish now for about 6 weeks hasn’t helped and, between the freezing wind, dark skies and pouring rain you wouldn’t even know it’s summer.

My back has still been really painful and I’m having to wear my brace again, which I haven’t done in about three years 😦  I also have slept really badly for two months now, am peeing a lot and have hives, so my histamine is obviously sky high.  The thing is, I don’t know why.  I’m not eating anything different, am under no stress and because of the poor weather even the pollen count has been fairly low.  I tend to blame my peri-menopause hormones, but actually have no clue what’s going on and because I don’t know the cause I don’t know how to fix it.

To keep myself entertained I’ve spent much of the week whinging to various bodies in authority.  There are laws in place to protect both animals and the environment but the farmers where I live think they don’t apply to them and just do whatever the fuck they like.  In Spring I saw a farmer plough a field which contained several Lapwing, and a couple of Oystercatcher, nests.  Lapwings are a rest list species, severely under threat and it’s illegal to destroy wild bird’s nests in the UK.  They are really vocal birds in the mating season and it’s impossible to not know they’ve taken up residence in a field, but the farmer cared not one jot.  So I reported him to the Wildlife Crime officer who is now investigating.

I also went on a badger watch a couple of weeks ago, and found several spent gun casings feet away from the Den.  Killing badgers is also illegal, but the farmers shoot them anyway so I reported my findings to the police.  And while I was on I mentioned the entire herd of Roe Deer that was shot last year and the permanent gun hide which has now been erected on the edge of a local forest.  You can get licences to shoot deer if they are damaging crops but that doesn’t give you permission to put up a hide to kill any deer you see for the next ten years.

I’m also concerned about the lack of Buzzards locally.  There used to be a beautiful flock which lived in the forest and which I saw hunting every day, but three years ago the Gamekeeper was fined for illegally wringing their necks.  Lovely.  After all this time you would think the Buzzards would have returned but I still never see a single one, which considering the Gamekeeper is still working the forest one has to find a bit suspect.  I honestly don’t think the landowners round here will be happy until they’ve rid the countryside of every form of wildlife in existence.

My dog Bertie is eight years old and insured through Tesco.  I first joined them in 2014 and my premium was £17.74 a month.  I’ve since had to claim for Bert’s back pain and a couple of other things, and this week I received my renewal notice which is an eye watering £122 per month, which means my premiums have risen by 700% in just three years.  They’re taking the absolute piss.  I complained about the increase to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service who agreed it was unfair but that Tesco could basically charge anything they like and there was nothing they could do, so this week I complained to the Financial Conduct Authority.  Not that it will do any good.  I can’t afford £122 a month for insurance, so Bertie is now uninsured despite the fact he has a slipped disc and may need expensive surgery at some stage in the future which, of course, is why Tesco has increased my premium to a level that most people would find unaffordable – they want rid of me.  The only reason insurance exists is so you can claim on it if your pet is sick, yet when you use the product for its intended purpose you are financially penalized.  It’s bonkers and it makes me livid that insurance companies are allowed to get away with it.

Whinge over you’ll be glad to know 😉  I’m off to make breakfast and catch up with the antics in the Big Brother house.  I think my family is dysfunctional but they’re the sodding Waltons compared to the loony tunes who enter BB every year!





4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Teri

    So sorry about your pain & troubles, Jak, and no nice summer weather to lighten the load /:
    I would guess the histamine issues are due to shifting hormones. I have 2 “non-ME” friends that are a mess (since menopause) from histamine if they don’t take a daily Allegra.
    Then Bertie’s insurance. That much of an increase seems really unethical! I mean you are trying to be a responsible pet owner and look what happens. Pets are so wonderful in general, but to us sickies they are the perfect quiet & undemanding companion when we are feeling our worst.
    I must tell you, I watched “Miss Pelligrine’s Home for Peculiar Children last night, and I’m slightly yearning to be British -lol. Alas, I’m destined to remain here in SLC and endure triple digit temps for awhile (:


    1. Jak Post author

      I hate the cold Teri but I’d die under 100 degree temperatures 😉 I wish it could just be a steady 70 for a few months, but I’d settle for dry cos it’s rained most days for the past six weeks!


  2. Laetitia Lalila

    Omg Jak, I think you did an awesome thing by fighting for the wildlife, nature is so wonderful and healing! I just can’t believe the lack of sensitivity of some people…
    Wish you healthy days and sunnier weather!



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