Weekly roundup

I hate filing and ignore it for months, and months, and months, finally ending up with a pile which reaches to my knees.  The weather has been awful the past week, so on Tuesday I decided I had nothing better to do on such a cold, wet day than to tackle my paperwork mountain which, because I’d left it to accumulate, took flippin hours.  Hours of me sat bent over on the lounge room carpet, which did my back and hips no favours whatsoever.  Consequently Tuesday night I only got 2 hours sleep due to the spasms, burning muscles and shooting nerve pains which reached all the way to my toes.  Five days later and my back is still bloody killing me.

Having my period hasn’t helped and, despite the fact it finished three days ago, my boobs are still sore as hell, my reflux is causing me to cough and feel asthmatic and I still have endometriosis pain from my stomach to my backside.  Being a girl sucks.

Due to all of the above I’ve had a pretty quiet, boring week which doesn’t make for the most interesting blog post in the world.  I’ve spent a lot of my time lying in bed dreaming about winning £89million on the Euro Lottery and deciding how to spend the cash.  FUCK!  I’ve just had a thought – will we be able to still play the Euromillions Lottery once we’ve left the EU??!  I hope so, cos the UK Lotto is mere pennies in comparison.

My priorities for my Euromillions win are:

  • A new house suitable for an electric wheelchair.
  • An electric wheelchair.
  • I would donate £4million to my local Council to build a Crematorium.  Our nearest one is a 60 mile round trip away and, when you’re burying a loved one, the journey is just too much.
  • I’d donate a couple of million to build a Hospice.  Again, ours is 30 miles away in the City which is along way to go for elderly folk who want to visit their dying spouse every day, or those working full time who want to visit dying parents every day.
  • I’d fund residential housing for single people with severe M.E.  A place where they could have their own room, but a communal lounge so they could meet up.  Plus meals provided, a full-time carer and people to come and give therapies like hand massages or acupuncture or whatever.  Many of my friends are looked after by parents who are aging and I really don’t know how they’re going to manage when their parents die.
  • I’d employ a team to mend, paint and tidy up my local town.  Due to funding cuts by our arsehole Government everything is being left to rot and there are times it feels like I live in a developing country.  I was walking in town yesterday and the pavements are in such bad condition they are truly lethal, especially if you have any kind of disability and aren’t very steady on your feet.  Or are pushing a buggy.  Or a wheelchair.  Or using a mobility scooter.
  • I’d have a word with my local hospital about setting up a specialist unit for people with Ehlers-Danlos because the only one in the UK is 300 miles away.  I’d happily fund it.
  • I’d have laser treatment on my eyes for my floaters.
  • I’d have a wig made to measure.  Oh and a bra made to measure because in the 40 years I’ve been wearing one I’ve never found one that actually fits.  Ditto my undies which go up the crack in my arse no matter what I do and allow my butt cheeks to hang out, even when I’m wearing boy shorts – WTF?!
  • I’d employ a chef – it would revolutionize my life.
  • I’m not going to lie, I’d probably blow a decent amount on some new camera gear.  Well, you can’t win £89million and not splurge on some luxuries 😉

There’s lots of other things I’d do but these are my priorities.  I don’t think housing suitable for my disability, decent health care and helping my local town is a lot to ask for but of course the numbers don’t come up for people like me.  It’ll be won by someone who’ll blow the money on holidays, plastic surgery, swimming pools, designer clothes and fast cars.  Or it will go to rapists.  Or the girl I went to school with whose family won it and, after five years of travelling round Europe in a limo and staying in 5* hotels, were so skint she had to be given free school meals.  This is why I don’t believe in a religious God, because if he existed the world would be a fairer place.


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