Weekly roundup

I’ve had a shit week health-wise.  My last period was weird and has left me feeling rubbish.  In particular my histamine is way high – I know this because I have rampant insomnia, am peeing like a race horse, sneezing, itching, my back is in constant painful spasm and I’m having some mild reactions after eating and taking my H2 antihistamine meds.  Hives are always the last thing to appear, but appear they will – something to look forward to then 😉

In addition, I’ve had some quite bad M.E. days, the kind I’ve thankfully forgotten existed.  My brain fog has been really intrusive and left me feeling like I’ve got dementia, and I literally had to stay in bed one day as I lost all feeling in my legs.  I had a very scary hour one afternoon when I was driving somewhere I’d been going to for 40 years and got lost – I genuinely couldn’t remember how to get there and ended up driving round in circles for 20 minutes.  WTF?!

My Mum turned 77 this week.  I wish I could say I enjoyed her birthday with her, but to be fair all events are marred by her drinking now and I just endure them more than anything.  She seemed to have a nice time though so I guess that’s the main thing.  She’d asked for an electric soup maker which I bought her, but when she rang me smashed out of her skull at 6.30pm to tell me she’d made her first batch of soup it kind’ve spoiled the gift for me if I’m honest.  I know it shouldn’t have but it did, and I need to acknowledge that to myself.  After my counselling I don’t get angry about it like I used to though, so that’s good.

My Dad’s been having some dizzy spells and it must have been bad because he made his own appointment to see the Doctor!  She said he has a slow heart beat and thinks maybe his prostate medication is the cause, so he’s been taken off that to see if it helps.  Lots of things can cause dizziness in the elderly though, so it’s just going to be trial and error to discover the culprit.

The General Election result was a total disaster and I bet the cocky Conservatives wish they’d never bothered.  This bloody country continually shoots itself in the foot and is, quite frankly, going to the dogs.

My best mate is also having a rough time of it, so we met for lunch yesterday and had a laugh to take our mind off things.  Thank God for her cos she keeps me sane.

Even though my brain has been fried I desperately needed a distraction from how crap I’ve been feeling, so worked on a couple of photos I’d taken.  The marble Bust one, done using my bed sheet and marble effect toilet seat!, is just OK (I can’t get the eyes right) but I quite like the horse:




6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Hi Jak,

    I hope things calm down for you soon. Great photos! I thought the statue was such a cool idea. What if you took the pupils out of the eyes and left the space blank? Many marble statues have no pupil definition at all. Just a thought.



    1. Jak Post author

      I’ve tried several things with the eyes d and they still look all wrong. I’ve found the problem is that eyes on statues are 3D, whereas if I fill my eyes in with white or whatever they just look flat. So yesterday I bought some curved white buttons and will try those photographing those and adding them in – I’m hoping they’ll give the round effect I need x


  2. Sarah

    Sorry you’re having a bad time x
    The photos are brilliant. It’s great to have a hobby as the sense of achievement when you create something special is immense and keeps you sane and make you walk around going “god, I’m good, a genius”
    Do you find stress makes your symptoms worse and less controllable? I’m sorry to hear about the issues with your mum. Maybe the worry about the birthday party has made your symptoms increase. I find that if I know why I’m having a flare up (got the PIP assessor coming out this week) it allows me to succumb to my bed and feel less guilty about not getting stuff done


  3. danieljuk

    I hope this week is better for you ❤
    I've ended up full time caring for my Mum at the moment with my Dad and although I am more stressed and so exhausted, my anxiety isn't so bad which is weird! Maybe because I am so busy doing things all the time! I am just glad this has about 4 to 6 weeks more max and it will get easier! I don't know how people who care for someone full time do it! it's exhausting!


    1. Jak Post author

      I hope Mamma J is healing well Dan. And yes, caring for people is *exhausting* and stressful! I spend my entire life at the hospital: Tuesday is Mum’s COPD check, Weds we are in the city for the whole afternoon for her oxygen assessment and Thurs I am at the hospital for a gallbladder scan. Being as though it’s a 60 mile round trip to our Hospital just one appt takes the whole day. And when I’m feeling dog rough it’s *such* hard work and I’m probably not even safe to be driving.

      I’m so glad your anxiety isn’t so bad atm 🙂 Being a Carer does take your mind off your own problems, which is no bad thing often and of course you don’t have time to dwell when you are feeling crap.

      Hugs xxx



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