Weekly roundup

It’s Sunday.  Again.  Blimey, I have no idea where the time goes!

I spent the first half of the week feeling rubbish after attending the Photography event last weekend, so consequently didn’t do much.  I’ve felt rubbish a fair bit recently and I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the jobs piling up both at my house and at my parents’.  I can’t have felt that overwhelmed though, as instead of tackling said jobs on  Thursday when I was feeling a bit brighter I went with a friend on my scooter to a local bluebell wood instead 😉  The sun was shining, the insects were humming, the butterflies were out in force, the smell was breathtaking and I tell myself it was good for my soul (and it was).  I’m going to ignore the fact I trapped my finger in the back door on the way out and took a chunk out of my knuckle which bled everywhere and is still really sore.

Friday though I really did have to make a start on some jobs at my folks’ and it did feel good to get them out of the way.  Friday afternoon my computer decided to install the latest ‘Creation’ update for Windows 10.  It took over an hour and afterwards my touchpad didn’t work properly, all my notification sounds had reverted back to default, my taskbar was full of unnecessary icons like One Drive which I now can’t get rid of, my carefully calibrated monitor colours had gone to shit and my computer had slowed down considerably.  Way to go Microsoft!  So I spent another hour putting my laptop back to how it should be and cursing Bill Gates.

Saturday I was getting concerned about the fact my freezer was half empty, so I spent the whole morning cooking.  It fucking cripples me and at the end of it I’m in so much pain and am so exhausted I’m literally on the verge of collapse – if I ever win the Lotto the very first thing I would do is employ a chef.  I’m extremely proud that I managed to make some Gingerbread, 4 Lentil Dals, 4 Lentil bakes and 4 pots of rhubarb jam though – yayy to me 😉

This afternoon I’m meeting my bezzie for lunch.  I haven’t seen her for weeks as she’s been really unwell.  She has M.E. but is also Coeliac.  She and her partner ate out at a cafe they’ve been to many times before and she ordered a gluten-free turkey sandwich.  Not long afterwards she started to feel really sick and realized she’d been glutened.   When she asked the cafe owner what was in the sandwich it turned out it contained regular stuffing.  WTF?!  She vomited violently for the next 6 hours and it took two entire weeks for her to start eating normally again.

This is where the current fad for being ‘sensitive to gluten’ annoys the hell out of me.  So many people these days avoid wheat because it makes them bloated or because they’ve read online somewhere that it’s bad for you, so food outlets don’t really take the whole issue seriously.  But for Coeliacs it can be a matter of life or death.  If my friend eats gluten it can give her stomach cancer or make her puke so much she needs to be hospitalized.  By giving her a sandwich containing gluten the cafe owner has basically assaulted her, causing her actual bodily harm.  We both agree there should be some official body you can report this kind of thing to, as it’s now illegal in the UK to say food is allergen-free when it’s not.

I’m dreading tomorrow as I’m going for my endoscopy.  Wish me luck and here’s hoping my throat doesn’t swell up like last time!


8 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Beautiful photos Jak! I agree getting outside into nature is something that pays dividends in terms of our mental health. Good luck with your endoscopy – I hope it is at best uneventful and at worst minimally eventful.


  2. Laetitia Lalila

    Hi Jak, long time lurker here, came out of the shadows to wish you strength for the procedure tomorrow, you are a brave wonderful woman. I know how horrendous an endoscopy without sedation is, having had done two of them in the last two years and trying right now to avoid a third one like the plague…

    Sending you lots of love and hugs, hope you will get a good rest tommorow after everything is finished. Good luck!

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


    1. Jak Post author

      Thank you so much Laetitia. I read my messages before I went to the hospital yesterday and the support was priceless and much needed. Jak x


  3. Sarah

    Lovely photos. I must say I’ve been looking at that link of your mobility scooter and it looks great. So great infact, I can’t stop thinking about it and how nice it must feel to get out into the countryside.
    Good luck for tomorrow. I don’t envy you. Did your throat swell up last time after the spray they put in the back of your throat?

    PS I know you look up the medical explanations and I have no idea how to do links, but in the Washington Post Science section today (22.5.17), there is an article about mice and their heads lighting up (headline grabber). They have found the lymphatic system IS in the brain unlike previously thought, so immune cells can enter the brain. It removes toxins and waste too. Maybe that’s why you have the brain symptoms you described


    1. Jak Post author

      I love my scooter Sarah 🙂 Just the freedom of being able to go for miles when if I’m walking I literally can only go a few yards.

      It wasn’t the spray which caused my throat to swell on my last endoscopy, it was the pressure of getting the scope past my voice box. I have pressure urticaria, where my tissues swell with trauma, and I think that was the issue. Luckily it didn’t happen this time 🙂



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