Weekly roundup

This has been the second week of my stay-cation and the weather has been absolutely baltic.  As I walked Bertie in the howling wind, my face battered by hailstones, it felt more like Autumn than Spring and my plans for sitting outside on my swingseat reading a book and chilling have gone by the wayside.  I appear to fail dismally at chilling.  Much as I think it’s how I want to spend my time when I get the opportunity I still seem to find something to do, usually all the things I haven’t had time for in the past 6 months!

My very busy week last week inevitably led to me feeling like I’d been in a car crash and I endured a three day migraine which left me pretty miserable.  Having said all that, it was still worth it and I’d do it all again 😉

I am not vain about my looks but do like to keep my teeth nice.  We Europeans have manky teeth compared to our American friends and I’ve no idea why.  While it’s true there were virtually no cosmetic dentists in the UK until ten years ago we’ve caught up now and even here in the back of beyond one can have one’s teeth bleached, which is exactly what I’ve been doing recently.  When I reached 40 I realized my teeth were already yellow, so treated myself for my birthday to teeth whitening.  I did the cheapest option whereby the dentist makes custom trays into which you place the gel whitener and you wear them for a couple of hours a day over two weeks at home.  At the time I was still quite ill with M.E. and hugely chemically sensitive, so the first time I put the trays on with the peroxide in I held my breath wondering what would happen, but all was fine.  I bleached again when I turned 45 and being as though I’m 50 this year I thought it was time for another bash.  I will never have white teeth, as they aren’t white to start with, but at least they look nice and bright and I feel more confident when I smile.

When I had my bloods done in February my kidney function came back at 73 when, for my age, it should be in the 90s.  This is classed as “stage 2 chronic kidney disease” and, as mast cell disease can affect the kidneys, I was a bit panicked.  My GP, however, wasn’t in the slightest concerned and said the test is only a snapshot and can be affected by all sorts of things, eg. dehydration, but agreed to re-do the test recently just for my peace of mind.  Thankfully it had increased to 83 which, if 2 of my friends of a similar age hadn’t both had kidney tests which came back in the 80s recently would still have freaked me out, but I now recognize seems to be fairly normal.

My backside is currently covered in hives and I’m not sure why.  I am not stressed, I’m relaxing (at least doing my version of relaxing!) and have actually had a lovely few weeks.  I have woken up sneezing my head off a lot recently though and am wondering if it’s hayfever (I’m allergic to Birch pollen) – if so, that would explain the mast cells in my butt going nuts.  I’m also still coughing up mucus following the cold I had in March and am pig sick – surely to God it should have gone by now?!

My hormones have been absolutely rampant since my last period, so I’m sure that’s not helping the mast cell situation one iota.  OMG have I got the munchies and am craving ice cream which I only ever eat when I’m pre-menstrual.  I’ve gained 7lbs in the past six months and my clothes are all uncomfortably tight, so I’m trying really hard not to cave in to the cravings but it’s sooooooo hard!  I think the only thing that would stop me eating crap at the moment would be chaining me to the bed 😉  Add to that hormone-induced insomnia, which also makes me want to snack, and I’m a lost cause.

I’ve been having some problems with my dog Bertie the past fortnight.  For those that don’t know, he’s a rescue Mini Schnauzer who I adopted when he was 2½ and is now nearly 9.  He’s always had isolation anxiety and can’t be left on his own, but is happy for me to leave him so long as he’s with someone he knows.  He loves my Mum and Dad who spoil him rotten and I’ve never had any issues leaving him with them……….until recently.  All out of the blue he became reluctant to even go over their doorstep and once there and given his usual Dentastix treat he refused to eat it until I appeared in the lounge.  We can’t work out what has upset him, so I’m having to start from scratch again with the separation anxiety and go to my parents’ every day, staying with him so he doesn’t associate us going with me leaving him.  Just what I needed to do on my holidays when I was looking forward to a break from visiting my folks!

The only fun thing I’ve done this week is have my friend’s two kids over for a photoshoot.  It’s absolute chaos and I’m knackered after the first ten minutes but they love being ‘models’ and having their faces made up.  I get all sorts of weird and wacky ideas in my head for photos and they are happy to let me practice on them.  Here’s one of Saturday’s images (reproduced with the parents’ consent):




5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks Moises. Funnily enough, the orginal theme of the photo was ‘broken doll’ but I agree she definitely looks more like Alice in Wonderland, so I’ve made a photo with that in mind – will post at the weekend! Jak x


  1. Lindsay

    There are so many things I want to comment on in this post that I know I will forget some. First, there’s NO WAY you turn 50 this year. You don’t even look 40. I’m pretty sure someone lied on your birth certificate. Second, thanks for the reminder that it’s about time to bleach my teeth again! Third, my rescue dog will sometimes become suddenly afraid to go into one of the rooms in my house, without explanation. One day he’ll be fine hanging out in that room all day. Rescue dogs are their own species, aren’t they??


    1. Jak Post author

      I knew I liked you for a reason but seriously have you had your eyes checked recently? 😉

      Yes, rescue dogs are a law unto themselves. You’d think after years in a lovely home they’d finally be OK but apparently not – they still keep reverting back to behaviours they had when first adopted. Your dog is adorable btw – those eyes! x

      Liked by 1 person


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