Weekend roundup

And what a weekend it’s been.  I’m exhausted but with a huge sense of achievement, so that’s OK then 🙂

Sat and Sun I attended my first International Photography Salon.  Once a year it’s held in Cumbria and our Camera Club are amongst the hosts, so I was one of the volunteers who helped run the event.  I had to be up at 6am both mornings, dressed, fed and take Bertie to my parents for 7.30am.  I was then collected by some friends in their car and we travelled for an hour to the venue.  By the time we arrived I was knackered and it wasn’t even 9am 😉  The day then finished at 5pm, we travelled the hour home, I had to collect Bertie, drive another 20 minutes back to my house, then start making my dinner.  Needless to say I ate it half propped up in bed as I was so shattered by that stage, and in so much pain, I couldn’t even sit upright!

My job both days involved being on the computer, checking the image being judged matched that shown on screen.  Trust me when I say 6 hours of that each day was mind boggling!  Thankfully I had my wing-man John to help out – I tended to the do the morning shift when I am at my most mentally alert and he did the late afternoon shift when I am usually in bed because I have conked!

The weekend was made even harder by the fact I am still not over my cold.  Ten days now of a runny hose, hacking cough and sore throat, on top of which having a virus has caused my mast cells to ramp up a gear or three and I have a large outbreak of hives on my backside.  Lovely.  However, I coped really well all things considered and am actually rather proud of myself 🙂

As I was only in the admin team and not actually judging, I was allowed to enter some images of my own into the Salon.  I didn’t hold out any hope, as this was my first International Exhibition and there were 15,000 images judged from all over the world.  *However*, I was delighted to discover yesterday that 3 of my images were accepted into the Exhibition and not only that but the image below received an Honourable Mention in the Open Monochrome (ie black & white) section.  OM-flippin-G!!!

An Honourable Mention means that the image scored maximum points but wasn’t selected for a medal.  Still chuffed to bits that this image made the final 20 out of 1,400 images but, and the chap in the photo who is our village grass cutter, will be tickled pink 🙂

I don’t have any results from today, though am not expecting to get anywhere with my colour images.  Mind you, I didn’t expect to get anywhere with my Black & White image either so who knows lol!

Needless to say it will probably now take me several days of bedrest to get over my humongous weekend, but I’m still glad I was able to do it.  I’m sure at events like this where I appear absolutely and utterly ‘normal’ my Camera Club mates must think I exaggerate my illnesses.  Of course, they didn’t see the TENS machine on my back, the brace on my leg, the acupressure sickness bands on my wrists, my neck wrap or my support stockings as they were all hidden under my clothes.  They weren’t with me for my slight mast cell reaction after breakfast today or in the early hours when I couldn’t sleep for hip and back pain.  They were also unaware of the several times over the weekend I felt like I was going to faint, or puke, or both and the fact that at one stage both my arms went completely numb.  And in some ways I’m glad they’re not aware, because that means for just a few hours I can live like a ‘normal’ person and do things a ‘normal’ person does.  I wish, however, that my ‘normal’ friends could endure the payback for me this week because I know it’s going to SUCK!


5 thoughts on “Weekend roundup

  1. d

    Congratulations! So happy for you and your success.

    I was on the hunt for new recipes this weekend and found one I thought you might like. It’s a carrot tahini salad with crisped chick peas. I think you tolerate chick peas but as always, if not, we all get pretty creative at substituting ingredients. This recipe would be a bit of pain without a food processor but I think could be modified with thinly sliced or julienned carrots. You can check it out on the Smitten Kitchen blog: https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/05/carrot-salad-with-tahini-and-crisped-chickpeas/


  2. Catherine

    You totally and absolutely rock on all levels. How incredibly inspiring . Huge congratulations too . I love your photography .



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