I’m back!

OMG that was the longest 10 days of my life.  I have missed my laptop while it was away being fixed like you wouldn’t believe.  I think it’s time to officially admit I’m an internet addict 😉  The worst part was not being able to do my photography – I have been so bored at nights with no Photoshop I’ve been climbing the walls!   I’m not one of these people who can sit for hours watching the telly and my brain is too poorly to read for more than 15-20 minutes on any one day (if at all) so I have literally lain in bed twiddling my thumbs.

After waiting 6 long weeks to see my GP I finally had my appointment last Wednesday.  Waste of bloody time that was.  Even though my ferritin level is 1 point below the very lowest limit, and I’ve been dizzy every day for months, white as a sheet, exhausted and fainting when I menstruate she was not the slightest bit concerned.  “You don’t have anaemia” she concluded and that was that!  Not even the offer of a supplement despite my symptoms.  Thank God I’ve taken it upon myself to take Spatone iron water and try my best to up the intake of iron from my foods.  Neither was she bothered about my poor kidney function which is 73 when for my age it should be 93!  “It’s just a snapshot test, you were probably dehydrated” was her conclusion “we don’t bother unless it’s under 60”.  Hmmm, not even if you have mast cell disease which can affect your kidneys?!  I pressed the ‘pre-existing conditions’ angle so she agreed to re-test and check whether it was still low or not.  I get so incredibly tired of being my own advocate and fighting to get my health issues taken seriously.

One of the main reasons for seeing my GP is that I’ve been having dreadful stomach/gut pain for a year now so she’s booked me in for another endoscopy, which I swore I wouldn’t have done again as I can’t have sedation (allergic to the sedation drugs) and trust me when I say having an endoscopy when you’re wide awake is enough to give a person PTSD.  However, I do need to know what’s going on so will just have to grit my teeth and get on with it.  I did write my GP a letter the day after my appointment though to remind her to tell the Hospital that my throat swelled following my last endoscopy (probably due to my dermographism) and that this time I want my biopsies to be stained for mast cells.  I know that a special stain has to be used but as I didn’t have access to the internet to look this up I used Dr Afrin’s book which mentioned CD117, so that’s the information I put in the letter (don’t know if this is correct though!).  She also did a Coeliac blood test (which will be negative, as it has been the other 20 bloody times GPs have tested for it!) and I had to take in a poo sample to check for blood and inflammation (I’ve had this done before too and last time all was fine).  So now it’s just a waiting game for my torture endoscopy appointment.

While in the car park at the health centre someone bumped my car.  I was in it at the time, so got out to inspect the damage………and the person who did it simply drove off!!!!  I wasn’t quick enough to take down his licence plate but did spend an hour in the cop shop waiting to report it to the police as it’s taken the paint off my rear passenger door.  My statement took all of 3 minutes, so why did I have to wait an hour for a policewoman to take it, being as I was the only person there?!  No chance of catching the culprit as there is was no CCTV in operation and I’m not claming on my car insurance to repair the scratches as then my premium will go sky high :-/

I went to visit my parents last Friday not knowing my Dad was starting with a cold, which he duly passed on to me.  He sniffled for 48 hours then was fine but I went down with a raging lergie, including sore throat, chills, nose dripping like a tap, thumping headache and a racking phlemy cough.  Cheers for that Pops.  Monday and Tuesday I could barely get out of bed and 5 days on I still feel as rough as a badger’s nadgers.  I do have a very husky voice though and could make a mint on a sex chat line 😉

Last night was the last print competition of the season at my Camera Club and come hell or high water I was determined to attend.  So armed with cough sweets and a thermos filled with a hot honey and lemon drink (I didn’t want to have a coughing fit during the judging) off I toddled.  I’m glad I put my poor aching body and head through the effort as I got first place with my photo called ‘Mongolian Man’ and the judge’s comment was “this is one of the best portrait photos I’ve ever seen in a Camera Club competition.”  I know you shouldn’t blow your own trumpet but I was proper chuffed.

I also got joint 2nd place with myself with my other two entries, so I had a cracking night.  As this was the last print competition of this season, all the scores are added up and I discovered I was the over-all winner in my League which means another trophy on Awards Night next month (already 3 and counting) 🙂

Last weekend was Mothering Sunday so I took my Mum and Dad (and Bertie!) out for lunch.  My throat was killing me because of the lergie, so the two tonne of ice cream I consumed despite already being full to the brim with Thai Fishcakes was purely medicinal honest 😉

It’s soooooo nice to be back online and feel connected to the world and you all again!




9 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. d

    Congratulations on your photography competition successes! You might need some assistance to carry all of your trophies home : )

    Sorry to hear about the challenges with your GP – I agree, it gets very tiresome to have to constantly advocate for yourself. It would be nice if it could all be written up succinctly and passed on to those who will actually read the information and act accordingly upon it. (that’s some alternate universe I think!)

    That stinks about your car as well – like you don’t have enough stuff to deal with already!

    Glad you’re back : )

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        1. Moises

          Oh, maybe I missed it. I thought your dad looked awesome, that’s why I thought about your mom
          great to see you back!


  2. Jan Groh

    Congrats on the photo awards, well done! (I miss my photography, no time presently.) Anyway, you can find more of the recommended stains and testing suggested for detecting mast cells and mast by Afrin et al 2014 here:


    Which is on my resources page here: http://ohtwist.com/what-is-mcad/mcad-resources/

    I believe he speaks of them sometimes co-expressing CD 2 and/or CD 25 as an indicator of trouble as well if memory serves.

    Back to revamping almost my entire website post EDS nosology update, phew… x


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for the links Jan – I really struggled when I had no internet access to remember the correct information! I’m also not sure the tests you have over the Pond are all available here so it might be irrelevant in any event, but I can only try. Sounds like you have a lot of work on your hands updating your site! Jak



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