Weekly roundup

My laptop is poorly, so is going away to be made better.  I wish it were that easy for me – a bit of soldering and I’d be good as new 😉  So you won’t get a blog post for a week or two until it’s back as I only have my miniscule smart phone and can’t type on that as my thumbs are too big!

I had an absolutely awesome day last Tuesday.  I decided on a whim to dump the dog with my parents and drive to the coast, to a local aquarium.  I spent 2 hours there with my camera (it’s brilliantly disabled friendly) then had a tootle round to the sea, nearly being blown away by the hurricane stiff breeze in the process.  On the way home I called in at a local Stone Circle to take a couple of snaps and arrived back at my parents absolutely and utterly knackered and so stiff I could barely move, but happy as a pig in muck 🙂

This week was the anniversary of Bertie’s adoption.  Six years ago I went to see this timid, frightened, unkempt little chap in the rescue centre and fell in love.  The first month I had him was such hard work and made me so ill I nearly sent him back, but was so besotted I already couldn’t imagine my life without him.  Thank God I stuck it out, though wouldn’t like to tackle that first year again in a hurry!  We are now best buds and a real team.  We are together virtually every minute of every day and he enriches my life in ways I could never have imagined.  Without Bertie, I would never have even bought a camera so he is also responsible for me taking up photography, without which I now can’t imagine my life.  I LOVE HIM to the moon and back, and tell him so ten times a day.

I also love my little cottage, but know that as I age and my already dodgy body gets even dodgier I’ll probably end up a wheelchair user and my house wouldn’t accommodate wheels.  So for a while now I’ve been looking for a one story cottage or bungalow to buy.  There is a ridiculous lack of such houses in the countryside, let alone ones that aren’t too near neighbours so I can rest quietly in the afternoons, and those that are around are so expensive they are well out of my price range.  This weekend I went to look at a little property that would be *ideal*, however it has been boarded up for 4 years and needs a shed load of work to get it even habitable, which doesn’t bother me having already renovated 2 houses but I’d have to sell my current house to pay for it and then would have nowhere to live while the work was being done.  Dilemma!  And one which needs considerable thought in the next 4 weeks before the auction, at which I’ll probably be outbid anyway!!

All for now my friends.  I’ll be back when my laptop is fixed.


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