Weekly roundup

They say time speeds up as you get older and they’re not kidding.  Not only can I not believe it’s Sunday again I also can’t believe it’s March already – where the hell did Jan and Feb go?!!  Not that I’m complaining about the fact it’s March because that means Spring is round the corner.  There are cute lambs in the fields, the lovely Oystercatchers have returned to the river and yesterday in a brief period of sunshine the chatter from a large flock of Siskins in next door’s apple tree was wonderful.

The decorating is finally finished and everything has been washed and put back.  I’m now crippled with awful back pain as a consequence of helping with the DIY but such is life.  The day I helped paint the skirting boards my right hand was so painful I couldn’t even put the top on my hot water bottle when I went to bed :-/

Speaking of pain, my gut is seriously getting me down.  I hurt from my throat to my backside every minute of the day and eating is no fun at all.  I can’t lie on my right side in bed because of a shooting pain near my right rib at the front and if I lie on my left side I get reflux.  I have random, shooting, stabbing, stinging pain all over my belly and also still have weird poop transit and soft stools, despite stopping the iron supplement 6 days ago (until I tried the supplement my poop was fine).  I feel nauseous all day every day and my appetite has done a runner.  Combine all that with back pain and my entire torso is miserable and so am I.

Thank God for my photography which is a much needed distraction.  We had our last Projected Digital Image competition on Wednesday night and I’m delighted to say the image below got 1st place 🙂  It is made up of 11 different photos and, yes, it is me in the frock 😉  It was the last PDI competition of the season and I received the overall highest score in my league over the year, which means I will be promoted to the Advanced league in September (gulp!).

Since Christmas I’ve been spending all my ‘spare’ time working on 10 images to enter for my first photographic Distinction (the CPAGB).  I finally got them all done this week and they are ready to be posted off to Croydon where they will be judged at the end of April.  I’m also entering my first International Small Print Salon which is being judged at the start of April, and have had to do my prints for the annual Northern Counties Photographic Federation competition also being judged in April.  I’m a bit photographed out now and ready for the season to end next month and to have a break over the summer from the pressure of competitions!  Having said all that, I’ve been asked to judge the portrait section of an international Salon in October, which is a huge honour and about which I’m massively nervous but excited 🙂  You can see the standard of photos entered in international Salons here.

Whilst recently looking for new recipes to try containing quinoa I came across quinoa crips!  They have the texture of Quavers but with a sour cream & chives flavouring (my fav).  OK so they’re junk food, but I have no problems with a little junk food now and then and at least both the quinoa and lentil flours are high in iron  😉

I re-started the Spatone iron water yesterday but this time I’m trying a small amount and working up to a full sachet in the hopes it doesn’t make me more nauseous than I already am or give me diarrhea.  Wish me luck, because if I can’t tolerate this most gentle of supplements there’s no way on earth my stomach would cope with anything stronger and I’m desperate to get my iron levels up.

Right I need to get my lazy but snuggly warm backside out of bed, have some breakfast, get dressed and take the mutt out!



2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Congratulations on your winning photo and being promoted to the advanced group! Can’t wait to your work. Glad to hear your redecorating is done and now, maybe, you can rest a bit. I hope your gut issues start to subside. It’s difficult to think of anything else when your body is constantly clamouring for attention! Feel better soon.


    1. Jak Post author

      Got to admit my gut stuff is getting me down a bit – nothing more miserable than pain every time you eat anything. The photo stuff is exciting but scary! I’ve got the summer to up my game to meet the challenges of the Advanced league x



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