Weekly roundup

Hurrahhh, I attended my first (and it has to be said, last!) social event of the season last night.  Every year I have my parents and next door neighbours over for supper the week leading up to Christmas.  It’s the only day of the year I ever cook for other people because most days I struggle to cook for myself let alone anyone else and I have to admit I find it hard work.  Knowing that, and knowing how much pressure I’m already under, this year my neighbours offered for me and my parents to go to them for a change, so I had a lovely evening being waited on hand and foot.  I did think at one point I was starting anaphylaxis, I think just because I was so exhausted and had eaten a couple of things I usually don’t just to be polite, but I went to the bathroom and did some deep breathing exercises sat on the loo and it thankfully settled.  I try not to dwell on the fact that this one night spent with four pensioners in their seventies is the only evening I will spend in company the entire holidays and be grateful 😉

This week has been my busiest of the whole year.  Monday I spent the morning cooking, trying to make more meals to put in the freezer so I don’t have to cook much over the holidays.  Monday aft I always spend helping my parents and of course at this time of year that involves extra Christmassy duties, then took Bertie out when I got home.  I then wanted to do my photos in the long dress, so spent a couple of hours faffing around with those and the evening editing them on my computer.

Tuesday Bertie woke me at 5.30am – he then promptly went back to sleep but I couldn’t!  It was the 13th and I hadn’t written a single Christmas card, so I spent a few of those early morning hours doing my cards ready to post.  Tuesday evening I was leading our Camera Club’s beginner’s class and hadn’t finalized my presentation, so I spent another hour that morning getting it ready.  Back in November, my cousin had asked me to take some family portraits at her 60th birthday party.  She then bought a large frame and wanted me to print and mount multiple images within it.  I’ve never done a complex mount like that before, so the rest of the morning was spent printing off the photos and trying to figure out how to mount them.  Luckily it turned out fabulously and I was really chuffed with it 🙂  I then went to see my neighbour for half an hour – the 89 year old who lost her husband this year.  She was having a bad day and had a little weep bless her.  I had my dinner at lunchtime, then took Bertie out – I had to walk him as I was carrying on into town.  I dropped him off with my parents then went to the hairdressers for my hair trimmed.  By this time it was 4pm and I went back to my folks’ and crashed out on Mum’s bed for a couple of hours.  Bleary eyed, I got back up at 6pm feeling sick to my stomach with exhaustion and the beginning of a migraine, but forced some toast down then went to Club to do my presentation.  It all went great, but by the time I picked Bert up again and got home it was 10.20pm!!!

Wednesday morning I was awake at 6am as usual.  No matter how little sleep I have I never can lie in, and even if I could Bertie would make sure I didn’t 😉  I did mine and my parents grocery shops online then worked on an image I’d taken last month of the Church Warden from my village.  It had been 6 weeks since I’d taken the picture, so I was desperate to print it off, mount it and take it round to her.  Again I had my dinner at lunchtime, as my parents were being taken out by my step-brother at 1pm and I was sneaking into their house in their absence.  For a Christmas present for my Dad we’ve got him Sky multi-room, but it has to be cabled as they don’t have broadband to do the signal wirelessly.  My Mum didn’t want the cable going round the room, however, so I was having to go up into the loft to investigate if we could put the cables down the cavity walls instead.  Turned out not!  I then walked Bertie on the way home, went to bed for a couple of hours, then got back up and dressed and back into town to the last Camera Club of the year.  I got home at 10.15pm!!!

Thursday morning I woke at 6am feeling like the lead in Zombie Dawn of the Dead.  But I had to be up, breakfasted, dressed and out by 8.15am to walk Bertie (too early for my dog walker), then carry on into town, calling at B&Q for some cable trunking.   I’d arranged for the Sky engineer to be at my parents house between 9am-12noon while my Dad was out volunteering with the Lions Club, but before he got there I had to move the bed and furniture and put the trunking round the skirting board ready to fit the cable into.  Remarkably it all went off great and so far my Dad remains clueless that he now has Sky multi-room in the bedroom (I hid the Sky box behind his chest of draws til The Big Day!).  I had to be home for 1pm, as I’d arranged for a lady to come round to my house for a lesson in Publisher software.  For 7 years I’ve volunteered to put together my Church newsletter, but am so busy these days looking after my parents that I can no longer do it.  So a kind lady is going to take it over, but she has no experience whatsoever in Publisher and I’m going to have to teach her it from scratch.  Shoot me!  She was here for nearly 2 hours, after which I still had Bertie to walk and then my dinner to make.  In the evening I had to have a bath because even I could smell my grotty armpits.

Friday morning I had to be up, breakfasted, dressed and out by 7.20am (!!!!!!!!!!) to walk Bertie then be at my Mums for 8am to drop him off before driving through to the city for my breast appointment at 9am.  The good news is there is no lump and the Mammogram wasn’t half as painful as I’d expected 🙂  I did some last minute Christmas shopping while I was there, then picked Bert up and walked him on the way home.  I do not have the energy for this level of activity, not to mention the early mornings and late nights, and to say I was exhausted is like saying Everest is a hill 😉  I think I’ve now borrowed energy not just from January but from February too, so don’t expect to hear much from me from now til Spring!

Saturday morning I took Bertie out (no dog walker on weekends), then came back and cleaned the inside of my car.  Ordinarily I’m not fussed that it’s like a mud bath and smells of mangy dog but I’m taking a friend out this aft so thought I’d better do something about the situation.  It fucking kills my back hoovering the car and I cursed my (off work sick) Cleaner whose job it ordinary is to do the damned thing.  I then spent the afternoon doing yet more cooking/freezing – I’ve had to buddy tape 2 of my fingers together on my left hand as I’ve sprained them so peeling veg was a challenge, and at one stage I sat on the kitchen floor and bawled out of sheer exhaustion, but that won’t feed me over Christmas will it so I gave myself a good talking to, got back up, tried to ignore the almost unbearable pain in my feet, pelvis and spine and cracked on.  I then went to my neighbours for supper, getting home at 9.30pm.

After doing this blog post I will take my dog out, then absolutely must try and do some hoovering – there is so much crap on my floors I can hear it crunching underfoot as I walk 😉  I then need to get changed and drop Bertie off at my folks’ because my bezzie and I are treating ourselves to afternoon tea up at the lake for Christmas, which I am looking forward to immensely.

This coming week I have another Publisher tutorial to do, a funeral to attend and the dentist – if my life doesn’t calm down soon I’ll be spending Christmas day in a coma.

Every year I tell myself this Christmas will be different.  I will be organized, I will not take on too much and I absolutely will not be off-my-face exhausted and in screaming pain come The Big Day.  And every year I fail.  Life (like my cleaner being off sick) conspires against me and the unexpected (like my friend’s husband dying hence the funeral this week) always gets added to the mix, not to mention my stubbornness that I will attend some social events even though I don’t actually have the energy.  Thankfully in a weeks time it will all be over and I might be able to finally collapse put my feet up!


2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Jill

    fantastic news that your lump has gone. Really pleased. I feel shattered for you. Reading your blog I wouldn’t have gotten past Tuesday without collapsing. Do you think we should get a team of your friends to have a go at you next year to stop you doing this all to yourself again next Christmas? All the best hugs for Christmas to you and the Bertster xx ps Brilliant ‘sneaky’ pressie for your dad by the way.



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