Weekly roundup

I have my period, so I feel like a limp dishcloth.  I am grateful, however, that so far it has not been excruciatingly painful and I have still been able to function.  Funny how, when you’re chronically ill, the things that make you grateful change!

Monday my Scooter was carted off to the shop.  It’s been cutting out on me and despite two engineer’s visits he hasn’t been able to fix it, so it was taken to his workshop for diagnostics.  The accelerator was on its way out, so it’s been given a new one and is now working fine.  I am £80 lighter, however, which I didn’t need considering it’s Christmas and I now only have £21 left in my bank account to last me til January.

Tuesday I had another counselling session.  It’s only my third one but to be honest I’m not sure how helpful it’s going to be.  Yes it’s nice to offload on to someone, but I really don’t think we’re coming up with any solutions.

I spent most of Thursday and Saturday cooking.  I want to make loads of meals, smoothies and treats and freeze them, so that I can have a break from cooking over Christmas.

My cleaner has now been diagnosed with a slipped disc, so will be off until at least the new year.  I know she can’t help it, but I really didn’t need my help to be AWOL at this very busy time of the year, when I’ve had a virus, a sprained wrist and am so exhausted I’m on my last legs.  There’s no way I’m going to get another cleaner 2 weeks before Christmas, so I’ll have to do it the best I can myself for another month then advertise for someone else.  By January she will have been off for 3 months which is no good to me, so she doesn’t know it yet but I am going to have to let her go.   If I get another cleaner that will be my fourth in 12 months.  Getting reliable help is a fucking nightmare and really stressful.  Not only that, but these people are in my home and I have to keep starting from scratch building up a relationship with them.

This week has felt like a bit of a drudge.  I seem to have just done chores and had no fun.  My Christmas stay-cation can’t come soon enough.  I’m ready to relax, read some books, watch some telly and have a bit of me time (inbetween taking the dog out twice a day as my dog walker is off, feeding myself and keeping on top of the housework!).  Let’s face it, what I really need is a month on a tropical island with my own chef and butler, although knowing my luck I’d end up with Malaria 😉



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