Histamine on the rise

This year has not been good histamine-wise and my histamine levels are currently at a three year high.  How do I know?  Here are my symptoms:

  • I’m getting up in the night to pee again, which is something I’d stopped doing.  Last night I had to get up 3 times.
  • I’m not sleeping, and my sleep was the best it’s been for 20 years.  I drop off OK but wake after an hour, then drop off again and wake after an hour……and so on until about 4am.  I’m exhausted after months of insomnia.
  • My skin itches all the time.
  • I have constant hayfever symptoms.
  • My GERD is out of control.
  • I have back pain so bad I can’t sleep comfortably, when the pain had all but disappeared.
  • My bowels are sluggish and irregular, after regularly pooping straight after breakfast for the first time in my life.
  • I’m tired but wired and can’t relax.

Funnily enough I don’t have hives, but I know they’re coming.  They seem to be the last symptom to appear then take weeks to get rid of.  I also haven’t seen an increase in headaches or migraines, which is brilliant but they do usually accompany insomnia for me.

I haven’t been under any more stress than usual, so I’m going to rule out stress as a cause of my histamine rise.  I have been eating too much chocolate than is good for me, so I’m going to stop the chocolate altogether and see if that helps, though I can’t see how a small increase in chocolate consumption could fill my histamine bucket to overflowing.  Other than that I haven’t made any major changes to my diet – I was going to re-introduce yeasted bread but found that I actually like my organic yeast-free bread better so I’ve continued with it other than the odd sandwich with regular bread now and then (which I’ve eaten all along, so no real change there).

The unknown factor is the hormone fluctuations I’m having due to peri-menopause (which is causing the chocolate cravings!).  I’d guess I’m in the final 3 years of peri which is the time when hormones are surging wildly then crashing, wrecking absolute havoc.  Many healthy women have insomnia, increase in itching and allergies, frequent urination, migraines and a host of other symptoms during Menopause so I’m not going to be immune.

Other than that I’ve no idea why my histamine level is increasing.  Despite eating “low histamine” my diet isn’t restricted as I made sure that if I cut something out, eg. tomatoes, I substituted them with something of equal value, eg. peppers.  No hard cheese but soft cheese.  No dried fruits but fresh fruits, etc.  So I still eat a wide range of foods and still make virtually everything from scratch.  I also try my very best to walk for up to half an hour every day, even when I’m in a lot of pain from my EDS or exhausted from my M.E. – exercise has so many benefits that I try religiously to keep my fitness up despite my many limitations.  I should relax more, but I’m so busy I admit I find that challenging, however I’m having a 2 week “stay-cation” over Christmas and might even impose an internet ban (then again, I may not have the will power 😉 ).

To be honest I’m a bit stumped.  I’ve done so well for three years now to suddenly see my symptoms returning is very disheartening, particularly when I can’t put my finger on why.

I’m going to increase my intake of olive oil as per the menopausehistamineconnection website, though I already use at least a tablespoon every day in my meals, and I’m plucking up the courage to try Sambucol (a concentrated elderberry extract which is high in mast cell stabilizing quercetin, + Vitamin C another mast cell stabilizer) even though I’m petrified to try supplements as I’ve reacted badly to almost all I’ve ever taken.  I’ll let you know if I notice any change over the next few months.



One thought on “Histamine on the rise

  1. Karen, The Walking Allergy

    Must try that supplement! Anything derived from food is usually a problem, but when was the last time I had elderberries. (Two+ years- Elderberry concentrate from IKEA, but still). In fact, I thought I wouldn’t react to some quercetin from some African bush I have never heard of, but no such luck…

    I hear you on the meds issues!! I now get my ketotifen, hydroxyzine, etc are compounded. The difference is like night and day. I was SO sick at the beginning of December. Something in the ketotifen pill, (Not the med itself, Thank goodness! My body was highly unimpressed. Off of it- BP flew to 200/140 if I stood up….. most foods were off the list- I back down to wheat and chocolate and cheese…). Back on it three days before x-mas, and it’s so much more effective than it was before- I think half of it’s power was used up in treating its own reaction… And I ate home-made almond and hazelnut cookies at x-mas and didn’t die! Protein…so good.)



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