Weekly roundup

I’m slowly getting over my throat/cough virus though it has taken an entire month.  My energy is still very limited, however, and I’m struggling to get anything done.  My cleaner has now been off for 5 weeks which doesn’t help the situation, especially as I’ve no idea when she’ll be back.

Wednesday I met my bestie for lunch and it was lovely to have some different gossip and for someone else to do the cooking (and the clearing away afterwards!).  I usually go to Camera Club on Weds night but the past two weeks I’ve conked around 4pm and not been able to get out of bed.

Winter has really bitten this week with beautiful blue skies but freezing temperatures.  I can’t tell you how pretty it is here so, despite having the energy levels of a coma patient, I dragged my thermals on and drove up the lakes to take some pictures.  Luckily I was able to park right next to the shore and only had to walk a few yards which was just as well.  Here are a couple of the pictures which I’ll be putting on my Redbubble page shortly:

Friday I was back at the Doctor’s having my breast lump checked.  She said my boobs were so lumpy it was hard to tell what was going on and the little bruise I’ve had for 2 months now is still there, so she’s referred me to the benign breast clinic at the hospital just to be on the safe side.  They usually see people within 2 weeks but are behind at the moment so it may take a bit longer.  The Doctor doesn’t think it’s anything sinister but it is painful, so if it’s a cyst or something they may be able to drain it which should help.

I trim Bertie’s nails myself and usually don’t have any problems.  But for some reason this week I cut one of his dew claws too short and there was so much blood you’d think I’d amputated his leg!  Bertie looked at me in pure shock that I’d hurt him and I felt so sick I couldn’t eat my lunch. I’m still waiting for a knock on the door and the RSPCA coming to arrest me for cruelty to animals!!

I put my Christmas tree up this weekend 🙂  A couple of years ago I treated myself to a ‘feel real’ artificial fir in the Boxing Day sales.  It’s pre-lit with lights and each year I just put it away in a cupboard complete with baubles and everything as I don’t have the energy to decorate it from scratch each December.  Let the holidays begin!


7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks Helen, though I do admit to a little photoshopping as the moon isn’t that big this far north of the Equator – shhhh don’t tell anyone 😉


  1. d

    Hi Jak

    Love the photos – where you live is so beautiful. I know what you mean about dog’s claws. I have done that myself more than once and it takes forever to stop the bleeding. I bought some styptic liquid to use which helps stop the bleeding (I have also seen powder).

    I know from reading your histamine post that you are not feeling great and I hope things start to turn around for you. I have had that “what the hell is it?” question as well when my reactions seem out of keeping with how I am living. I agree about the hormones as likely culprits. That’s what I usually blame. I hope you get some rest and start to feel better soon.


    1. Jak Post author

      Thank d 🙂 I did have some of the stoppa buds for Bertie’s claws, but hadn’t used them in so long they’d dried up. I got some more this week just in case it happens again – I felt like a terrible mother!! Jak x



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