Weekly roundup

Apologies for there being no blog post this week.  I’ve been in bed since last Sunday with a lergie – an achy, coughing, throat infecting, energy robbing lergie which has made me feel completely lousy.  Don’t you just love winter bugs?!

On top of that it’s been a week for stuff going wrong.  I bought a trio set of new phones in June and was chatting to a friend this week when, after 15 minutes, the battery on my bedroom phone said it was dead (despite always being kept on charge).  So I picked up the call on the lounge phone, which after 12 minutes said the battery was dead.  So I picked the call up on the kitchen phone which, after 10 minutes said the battery was dead and has never worked since!  So I’ve had to return them to Amazon and order another set.

The bulb in my bedside lamp blew this week, which tripped the fuse in the plug so that was to sort.  I put a new bulb in, replaced the fuse, turned the lamp on……….and the new bulb exploded in my face!  It’s the 2nd bulb from a pack of four which has exploded so I’m now going to have to go back to the shop I bought them from and complain that they’re dangerous.

I’m desperate for a new wig as, after about 6 months of use, the fibres get really coarse and grate on my neck like sandpaper.  I’m happy with my current wig so just sent for another one of those from the same online shop I bought my original one from.  Only when it arrived it was totally different to my current one, despite the label saying it was the same.  So I’ve had to get in touch with the shop, send it back, they are going to send for another one from the manufacturer to compare it to, and I have to wait for the conclusion.  And all the while my neck is being rubbed raw!

My Mum wants a new watch for Christmas as she’s struggling to see the time on her current one.  Finding a bracelet watch without a clasp, in gold, with a large face and clear letters has been near impossible but I finally got just what I wanted in Debenhams.  However the bracelet is far too big so I’ve had to send it off to be shortened.

My cleaner is still off with back pain and it’s not looking like she’s returning to work any time soon.  Much as I feel for her I selfishly could really do without being cleaner-less in the run up to Christmas when I’m always more tired than usual and am trying to get over this energy zapping virus to boot.  So, despite feeling like death warmed up, I’ve had to change my bed, clean the sink in my bedroom and mop all the floors which, with the snow and rain we’ve had this week and a certain person’s filthy paws, were disgusting.

I haven’t seen my parents all week as I didn’t want to pass this bug on to them, but had to get out of my sick bed on Friday to take Mum to see her GP.  She’s now struggling to do even basic tasks without getting totally out of breath so we’ve asked for a referral to the lung clinic at the hospital for her to be assessed for supplemental oxygen.  Of course it was sleeting, freezing cold, pitch black as it was an evening appointment and I had Mum’s wheelchair to get out of the boot, get her in it, wheel her inside, then go back and park the car – reversing everything after the appointment.  I was bloody exhausted and soaked :-/

In amongst all that, and with a brain like mush, I’ve had to make a start on a presentation I’m doing for my camera club next month.  The chap who usually runs our beginner’s class is still off with horrendous back issues so we’re all covering for him.  I have to talk for over an hour (!) on “composition” alongside a powerpoint slideshow and, while I don’t mind, I am finding it hard work.

Speaking of the chap with the back issues, who as you may recall lost his wife unexpectedly this spring, we met for lunch recently.  I don’t know him that well, but he was the one who very generously gave me his old printer for nothing so I feel obliged to be kind during the truly dreadful year he’s having.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, he makes me slightly uneasy in as much as I know he’s terribly lonely and grieving and that’s never a good combination when you’re a single woman – the fact this guy is 70 and old enough to be my Dad is irrelevant.  I’ve kind’ve been waiting for him to hit on me and, while that thankfully hasn’t happened yet, he did ask me this week to go on an all-expenses paid holiday abroad with him in the New Year.  As I’ve said, we’re not especially close friends or anything and I was so taken aback by the offer I said “No!” rather too abruptly then felt dreadful.  I know he just wants some company, but surely he has male friends or family members he could have asked, not a single woman young enough to be his daughter.

Being as though it’s only 5 weeks til Christmas I thought being stuck in bed was an opportunity to make a start on my festive online shopping.  I always have cards made for my very closest friends and family and this year Bertie is the cover boy.  This photo is available to buy in my Redbubble shop, which is where I sell my pictures and merchandise (blatant plug!).  Not every single photo I’ve taken is available in my shop yet, though I am trying to get it updated – if I post a picture on here that you would like to buy as a card or whatever please just let me know and I’ll upload it.  If you click on any of the images in my portfolio, then scroll down you will see which types of merchandise are available for that photo.  I think making Bertie wear a Santa hat has traumatized him for life 😉


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