New Recipes

I’ve tried 4 new recipes recently, 2 of which have worked and 2 of which haven’t.  Luckily the 2 that worked are both lunch recipes and I’m always stuck for portable lunches.

The first is a creamy mushroom and mustard pie, though if you react to mushrooms you could use any veg you like.  It’s lovely either hot or cold and can be frozen and just reheated in the oven.  Recipes in the Lunches section of my blog:

Creamy mushroom pie recipeThe second is a vegetable jalousie (basically roasted veg and cream cheese in pastry), which can also be eaten hot or cold.  Again, the recipe is in the Lunches section:

jalousieAlthough I class both of these pastries as lunch dishes they’d be equally good for dinner with some mashed potatoes, carrots or broccoli.

If you’re not in the UK some of the branded or pre-packaged ingredients won’t be available to you but I hope you can adapt the recipes to items in your local stores.  The recipes are neither gluten-free nor dairy free, so apologies to any of my readers following a more restricted diet than me.  To everyone else, I hope if you make them you find them tasty 🙂


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