Weekly roundup

The week has flown by at warp speed and I’ve way overdone it.  It started off well though with a day trip to a nature reserve in the next county.  One of my Camera club buddies was going and offered to take me with him.  I travel really badly, it was going to be a whole day of being active and to top it all my period was due, so I was anxious for days beforehand about how I’d cope but I felt the fear and did it anyway.  I’m so glad I did, because I had a fantastic day, the reserve turned out to be totally disabled friendly and I spent a whole hour photographing Otters which I’ve never managed to even see in the wild 🙂

The rest of the week kind’ve went to shit though.  Literally.  Since my new toilet cistern was put in 10 days ago I’ve had horrendous sewer gases coming into the house and the smell in a morning when the windows have all been shut makes me want to gag.  I’m still waiting for the plumber to come back and he needs to get a shift on.

I use Windows 10 and it updated itself this week, re-setting everything on my machine back to factory defaults in the process.  I totally freaked when the colours on my screen went haywire, because I’d spent days when I first got my laptop tweaking them so that they fitted my photographic prints, but luckily I’d remembered to save the settings and could re-instate them.  My touchpad isn’t being recognized though, so I’ve had to send an SOS to my computer engineer.  More expense which I think Bill-sodding-Gates should pay.

My parents’ shower door came off its hinges a couple of weeks ago, so I had to contact the makers and order new parts which my Dad and I between us fitted on Tuesday.  It wasn’t a big job, but just something else that had gone wrong and needed putting right.

My Mum’s physical health has deteriorated lately and she must be bad because she’s finally agreed to have a wheelchair.  Rather than wait a month for an NHS assessment, then be given a heavy wheelchair my Dad can’t manage, I decided to just buy one off Amazon.  It came yesterday and both Mum and Dad seem happy with it.  She’s also really struggling to get her breath after doing any kind of activity now, so I’ve also made an appt with her GP to ask for a referral to the Hospital for a supplemental oxygen assessment.

Speaking of mobility equipment, I got on my Scooter last weekend and realized I had a flat tyre.  So my neighbours hauled my 18 stone (250lb) Rider onto breeze blocks for me so that I could get the tyre off and take it to town to get mended.  I still had to contact the engineer though, as the electrics on my Scooter have been constantly cutting out.  So he came on Friday morning and hopefully has sorted the problem.  Yet more expense.

As I was talking to the scooter engineer my neighbour came up and asked me if I’d “take a few snaps of his furniture”.  He runs an upholstery business and had asked me recently if I’d take some photos for a brochure “sometime”.  I agreed, but actually expected him to give me some notice not barge into a conversation and ask me to do it there and then!   Not only that, but I was still in my pyjamas and expected at my parents’ house to say goodbye to my cousin who was returning to Australia.  The upholstery guy told me the furniture was being delivered to his customer that afternoon though, so it was that morning or nothing!  Fine, it’s not like I have a life or anything.  I just lie around all day, bored and waiting to do people favours.  So I had to rudely cut short the engineer’s visit, hastily get my little photography studio ready and do the pictures (still in my pyjamas!).  I was, of course, then late to get to my parents’.  People have no idea what’s involved in taking a good photo – I think this guy just thought it would take 5 minutes when it ended up taking nearly an hour!   No thought to where the pictures will be taken, lighting, background or editing afterwards (which has taken me another hour).  And I wouldn’t care, but he’s not offered to pay me a sodding penny and has had the cheek to ask me to do some more!!!  It’s my own fault entirely though – I should just have said “no, I’m busy you will need to give me more notice”.

I’m back wearing my wellies for taking Bertie out now Autumn has arrived and kept getting my foot stuck in the right one taking them off.  I realized there was a ginormous hole in the lining that was completely un-mendable and I will need a new pair.  I virtually live in my wellies in the Winter so they have to be warm and supportive as well as waterproof – my wallet is now £75 ($91) lighter.  For wellies!  The world’s gone bloody mad!!

In between everything this week I’ve been trying to sort the garden out ready for winter, putting the furniture away in the shed and cutting all the dying perennials down before the weather turns.  I love gardening but it hates me, and my back and arms are now shredded.

Saturday I had another trip out, this time to the west of Cumbria for a county-wide photographic competition in which my camera club had entered one of my images (along with 11 others from our Club).  We came last, as we always do.  However, in our defence we enter 12 images from across the club, including our Beginner’s League.  All the other clubs just enter their 12 best pictures, which usually all come from their Advanced League.  So we don’t stand a chance, but stick to our principles of being all-inclusive.  It was a lonnnnng day, I had my period and felt dizzy before we even set off, and by the time I’d picked Bertie up from my parents in the evening and got home I felt like I was dying.

This week needs to be quiet to recuperate from so much activity, because I am absolutely and utterly exhausted and every joint I possess hurts.  Whether I’ll get it or not is a different thing entirely!


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