The world’s gone mad

You know you’re getting old when you frequently say to your friends “the world’s gone bloody mad!” and shake your head in despair.  Who on God’s green earth is voting for Trump my American friends?  How did he even get to be the Presidential candidate?  I can’t believe that out of 300 million people he’s the best the Republican party can come up with.

Things are no better this side of the Pond.  I’m sick of hearing about the economic fallout of Brexit.  In fact I’m fed up of hearing about Brexit full stop.  Tourism has risen by 18% this year due to the weak pound, which as far as I can tell is a good thing.  The FTSE100 (the UK’s top 100 companies) is at a nearly record high.   Yes there are downsides to a weak pound, but it’s not all doom and gloom – yet doom and gloom is all that’s ever reported.  Right from the start the media has been determined that Brexit is a bad thing – god forbid they should ever report in a balanced and unbiased way.

There’s still debate in the UK about whether we should be leaving the EU at all.  The Guardian did a piece this week entitled something like “what about the 48% of people who didn’t vote for Brexit?”.  Well, what about them?!  It’s a democratic vote and someone has to loose.  Get over it you whining bastards.  We voted to leave and we are leaving.  FFS!  Why are all these people wasting their breath talking about staying in the EU.  We’re not staying in the EU and if we did it means Democracy is dead.

However, it’s not just the UK that’s having a hissy fit over Brexit.  The French President has said that Britain must be punished for leaving the EU.  Er, attitudes like that are one of the main reasons Britain left!  He’s acting like a god-damn Mafia boss – “leave our gang and you’re dead”.  It’s crazy behaviour.  He wants to send a message to other EU members that leaving is not an option.  Why is leaving not an option?  Surely we can all do whatever the fuck we like – he’s acting like a Fascist.  Isn’t that how the World Wars started – some European Dictator telling the rest of us how to live and if we don’t join his gang he’ll annihilate us?

We import more than we export by quite a wide margin, so if the UK economy crashes most of Europe will suffer because we won’t be buying anything they’re making.  In light of this, quite why Europe is so determined to make Britain fail as a result of Brexit, thereby shooting themselves in the foot, I can’t work out.  Today there is a big row going on between European conglomerate Unilever and Tesco supermarket.  Unilever have put the price of their goods up by 10%, blaming Brexit and the weak pound for the hike.  But some of their goods, like Marmite, are sodding well made in the UK not Europe!  And while some ingredients in some products are made abroad, the ingredients of Marmite are not!  Unilever are just trying it on and I hope Tesco sticks to their guns and stops selling their stuff – I’d happily buy an own brand in support of their stance.

France is irritating me for all sorts of reason lately.  They’ve said that after Brexit they will wash their hands of the migrant problem at Calais and just let them all cross into Britain.  Here’s the thing about the migrant problem at Calais – these people are not asylum seekers, they are economic migrants.  They are in France illegally and therefore should be arrested in France and either detained or sent home, or whatever it is the French do with illegal immigrants.  It is not Britain’s problem – they are not breaking UK law.  The migrants could live and work in France so why aren’t they doing that through the proper legal channels?  If all they want is a better life why aren’t they trying to achieve that in France (or any of the several other countries they crossed to get to France)?

Our new Prime Minister Teresa May is under fire from all directions.  Even she daren’t mention the Elephant in the room, which is uncontrolled immigration.  You dare to mention that and you’re immediately racist and xenophobic.  You dare to mention that and immediately there’s hysterical talk of closing borders and not allowing anyone in or out, which is bloody ridiculous.  There’s immediately talk of how much immigrants contribute to the country and how much we need them, which we do in certain industries.  However, uncontrolled economic migration (which is not the same as asylum seekers from Syria or elsewhere, Jaysus I wish people would get that straight in their heads!) is the main reason more than half the country voted to leave the EU – we can’t ignore that.  We have to have the conversation without being labelled as racist.  We have to talk about our housing crisis.  About our over-crowding and the fact it takes 2 months to get to see your GP.  We have to talk about our crumbling roads and our nearly 2 million unemployed – lazy buggers who need to be made to do the jobs unskilled immigrants do, like pick fruit.  We have to talk about our failing NHS and our bursting at the seams education system.  We have to talk about the size of our tiny island and how constantly allowing 100,000 more people to live here every year is unsustainable.  It doesn’t make us racist, it makes us realistic.

We really need a wider discussion about controlling our population, but even I’m not brave enough to broach that subject!

I can’t imagine living in a country with no green spaces.  Where every inch of green land has been built on.  Where wildlife doesn’t exist except for rats, pigeons and foxes because there is no natural environment left for them.  And that’s the way we’re going here if we keep building and building and building on our tiny island to accommodate an uncontrolled population.  I’d die inside if I lived in a concrete jungle with no quiet space or means of being alone.  As it is, even where I live which is considered to be “sparsely populated” (and I use that term loosely) there is absolutely nowhere you can go these days to get away from other people.  Where you’re not sitting quietly by a river and some arsehole doesn’t fly past in a car with his stereo booming out full blast.  Where you can sit quietly to read a book without a fucking Lear jet flying overhead so low you can see the whites of the pilot’s eyes.  There is no escape.  Not anymore.  And that negatively affects people’s mental health.

We live in a fabulous country which is the envy of the world.  Is it all sweetness and light?  No, of course not.  But I am sick to the back teeth of being bombarded with negative shite all the time.  It’s such a quintessentially British thing to do – ignore everything great and everything we do well and focus on the crap.  Us Brits are fabulous at whinging and constantly bringing ourselves down and it has to stop.


7 thoughts on “The world’s gone mad

    1. Jak Post author

      You can imagine the swear words in my house this morning with the Tesco fiasco 😉 I just need to turn the telly off forever. And Facebook. And never ever look at another newspaper. In fact, I’m off to live in a camper van on the Isle of Mull 😉

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  1. Sue Robinson

    Hi Jak, Love reading your blog (I’m a fellow ME sufferer) and all I can say to today’s post is a great big DITTO to everything. My partner and I have the same conversations every day when the BBC constantly berate the Brexit decision. It makes me so mad with all the doom and gloom that’s bandied about since our referendum! Keep up the great work it brightens my day to read your rants, er sorry, wise words 😉 Best wishes Sue

    On Thursday, 13 October 2016, Mast Cells & Collagen Behaving Badly wrote:

    > Jak posted: “You know you’re getting old when you frequently say to your > friends “the world’s gone bloody mad!” and shake your head in despair. Who > on God’s green earth is voting for Trump my American friends? How did he > even get to be the Presidential candidate? I” >


  2. Lindsay

    RIGHT?? WTF is going on with the world??
    I’m still convinced Trump being elected as the Republican candidate is just some elaborate hoax to show how racist/sexist/ridiculous some Americans are.



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