Weekly roundup

It’s Autumn here in the UK.  It’s not the turning leaves or the nip in the air that gives the game away though.  Oh no.  It’s the patter of tiny feet on my bedroom ceiling, or occasionally scampering down the inside of my ½ a metre thick cobblestone walls.  Yes my friends I have mice, who venture into my loft each October to live in amongst my super warm insulation.  I have Rentokill on speed dial and the pest controller came out on Monday.  I pulled down the loft hatch door so that he could gain access to put some poison down and a dead mouse fell on my head.  There is no fucking need for it!  Mind you, it could have been worse – the little darling could still have been alive.  Along with the mice come the Cluster flies, who also overwinter in my attic.  Unlike the mice who chew my electric cables and my beams, the flies don’t actually do any harm but I still want rid.  I went up there one year to get the Christmas decorations down and was dive bombed by hundreds of Blue Bottles – it was like something out of the Amityville Horror!  So a pesticide smoke bomb was set off and the Pest Controller is coming back tomorrow to hoover up the corpses.

Wednesday night is Camera Club, which as you all know I love.  This week was the results of our Summer Challenge competition.  We are set a theme over the summer break, take several photos, enter them while we’re on our holidays and when we return for the start of the season our photos are judged.  This year’s theme was ‘photojournalism’, which was tricky because the thing about living in the middle of absolutely nowhere is that absolutely bugger all happens here 😉  I ended up with a photo of the striking Junior Doctors back in June (which was bought by a Russian Newspaper!); a photo of a Paintball Fun Run in aid of the cancer charity McMillan; and a photo of the Tour of Britain cyclists who rode through Cumbria in September.  There were 60 entries in the competition and several of the Tour of Britain cycle race, and as they scored badly I held out no hope for mine.  My other 2 pictures did OK, scoring 17 out of 20 but I nearly fell off my chair when my image of the cyclists won the entire thing!  Yayyy 🙂  I do get a trophy but have to wait til next May and the end of season Awards Dinner to get my mitts on it.

I still haven’t finished filling in my ESA benefit form and am slowly losing the will to live.  It’s not due back til 14th, however I received a very scary letter on 7th telling me that if I didn’t send the form back asap I could be sanctioned and lose my money.  I swear they’re trying to give people fatal heart attacks so they can announce they’ve cut the benefit bill.  I’m on the last 2 questions and am hoping to get it done and posted off by Weds.

This weekend there was a literary festival on through in the City, so on Friday I bagged a ticket to a 2 hour workshop entitled ‘The perils of Memoir writing’ (my book writing has been shelved during the summer but I’m determined to get back to it during the winter when the weather’s rubbish and I can’t get out!).  The workshop reminded me why I don’t go to writing classes – they’re full of pretentious middle class arseholes who talk about rhythms and cadences, and forget that writing a book is all about the story.   You don’t read a Jeffrey Archer or a J K Rowling and wax lyrical about their writing style – you wax lyrical about the fact they tell a rippingly good yarn and, as a bonus, you don’t need to get out your Dictionary to look up every other stupidly pretentious word.

Today my bezzie and I had tickets to a talk by Susan Calman, a former Lawyer turned Comedian who’s just written her first novel ‘Cheer Up Love’  about her silent battle with Depression.  If her books is anything like her talk it will be brilliant and hilarious, and maybe if I’m good Santa will sneak it in my stocking for Christmas.

Shit, must go.  It’s 9.05pm and I’m missing the start of Poldark *swoon*  😉


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