Weekly roundup

I only read a couple of other people’s blogs regularly.  I’d love to read more but don’t have the time, energy or brain power 😦  One of the one’s I do read is written by my friend Lindsay who has Dysautonomia.  Her post this morning for Awareness month made me LOL so I thought I’d share it with you: Musings of a Dysautonomiac.  Thanks for the giggle this morning Linds, even though your disease is no laughing matter.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve had a bit of a shit week both health and emotions-wise.  I’m trying to snap out of my low mood – if only snapping out of my pain was as easy.  I’m still plugging away at my ESA forms and slowly losing the will to live.  Welfare benefits exist to help sick, disabled and vulnerable people but you need a degree to fill them out – Lord alone knows how anyone who doesn’t have a graduate level education ever qualifies.  There used to be organisations who offered guidance and advice on filling in the complex form, until the Government scrapped funding to any of the charities who helped.   Then they brag they have helped so many million people off benefits and “back into work”.  Er, no.  What they’ve done is help millions of people stop claiming ESA but they still have no jobs and are too sick to work so I have no idea how they are surviving.   No wonder our Prime Minister wants to scrap the Human Rights Act – that way she can legally treat us like sub-humans and we have no redress whatsoever.

Monday I visited my neighbour who has been in hospital with a broken hip for 7 weeks now.  She’s been transferred to the local Community hospital where there is no mental stimulation (no newspaper delivered, no tv), so in between physio she just sleeps all day.  Consequently she’s totally confused.com and has no clue what day of the week it is.  I wanted to cry.

I was offered 2 paid photography jobs this week!  The first from the Upholstery place near my house, who are re-vamping their websites and want me to do some furniture photos.  The second from a cousin who wants me to do a family shot on her 60th birthday.  Ordinarily I would have offered to do my cousin’s shoot for nothing, however her husband is an electrician and when I needed some help in my house he charged me £20 an hour to come over even though he’s retired and does fuck all all day, owns 3 properties one of which is a house in the South of France with its own private pool, and I’m single, sick and skint.  So I’m charging her and she can fucking lump it.

Bertie is still having health problems and the pain from his herniated disc has gotten much worse lately.  He’s been on Gabapentin for 2 years now, so I’m going to have to increase the dose and see how he gets on.  I’ve also spent 3 months struggling with his weight loss issue and thought it was resolved, only for him to loose 300gms again this past week 😦  So I’ve upped his food again and will see what happens.  I definitely think he needs more investigations though so it looks like another Vet visit is on the cards – we’ve practically lived there lately, thank God for insurance even though my premiums have gone from £18 to £71 a month in two years due to all the claims I’ve made!!!!!

I made it through to see my bezzie yesterday and had a lovely afternoon – thank God for her because she keeps me sane.

Today the weather is beautiful considering it’s the start of October.  I am strapping up every joint I possess and driving up to a nearby Tarn to take some photos.  I’m a useless landscape photographer but I’ll still enjoy being outside in amongst the stunning mountains even if I come back without a useable shot.  Whatever you’re doing today I hope you have fun.



6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Livvy

    Awe bless you Jak thank you. Yours is one of 2 blogs I follow (energy restrictions apply as you explained re following anymore) & as im cut off from the world, I find I live my experiences through yours & another lasses blogs… I listen to your stories and it’s like sitting down for a cuppa for 10 with a long withstanding friend… I escape for a little from my own concerns as I listen to yours.. so the same back to you.. hope you have a lovely day enjoying the outdoors & autumn sunshine however it turns out 😉



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