New Recipe

Don’t get too excited from the title because it’s just a recipe for Jam, but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so Jam is important to me 😉

A few feet away from my house is a small patch of neglected ground, on which grows a Damson tree.  I think Damsons are native to Britain, so apologies if you don’t get Damsons in America, NZ, Australia etc, but I think they are also grown in some parts of Europe.  Damsons are a member of the plum family, so if for some reason you’re avoiding stone fruits avoid Damsons (there is zero evidence for any stone fruit, or any other fruit for that matter, being high in histamine so I eat them and love them!)

Damsons are at their best in September and this tree was heaving with fruit, so I picked over 4lbs free, gratis and for nothing 🙂  I added some sugar, boiled for 10 mins, and made 10 pots of gorgeous tart, sweet, Jam – recipe on the Jams & Sauces page of my blog.

Damson jam recipe
Damson jam always reminds me of my late Nanna, who used to make it every year.  She always left the odd stone in (as I do) because it does give the jam more flavour and as a kid I felt cheated if I didn’t find one.  Damson jam would also be a good base for a meat or fish sauce as it’s both tangy and sweet.

While I’m on the subject of food, Elderberries are high in Quercetin which is a known mast cell stabilizer and I didn’t realize that Tesco stock Sambucol which is an Elderberry concentrated drink with added Vitamin C (another mast cell stabilizer).  It’s expensive at £9 per bottle, but if like me you shop regularly at Tesco you can use your Vouchers towards the expense.

I’ve also discovered a couple of items from the Gosh! range which are suitable for a low histamine diet and are vegetarian – the Beetroot, Kale & Quinoa Burgers, and the Mixed Seed & Quinoa Bakes both of which I’ve tried and are tasty.  Gosh! foods are free from major allergens, including gluten, eggs, milk, soya, nuts and peanuts so are pretty cutting edge as pre-prepared foods go.  They also add the least amount of additives and preservatives that they can.  Available from Tesco or see the Gosh! website for stockists.

I’ve been trying out 2 or 3 new main course recipes the past few weeks, but haven’t perfected them yet.  One of the ones I tried was for a Quorn stew which had nothing but 5 star reviews online.  I tried it and the carrots were raw, the gravy didn’t thicken and the dumplings didn’t rise despite following the recipe faithfully.  I’ve no idea why some recipes don’t work well, or why other people rave about them and I find them tasteless or difficult to make, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles frustrating as it is.  If any of the new meals I’m trying work out I’ll let you know.


7 thoughts on “New Recipe

  1. Elizabeth Milo

    Our plum tree gave around 1500 (!!!) plums this year and I made jam, plum crumbles, plum cake, dehydrated plums etc. and gave away the vast majority of them. Never seem so many.

    Also I make my own elderberry “syrup”. It calls for a bunch of honey, but I just leave it out because I’m only taking a few teaspoons a day, I think I can handle a bit of funky flavour.


    1. Jak Post author

      1500 plums – blimey!! I’m jealous of your elderberry bush – I’d love one but they grow too big for my little garden.

      With your plums and my damsons we’re both set up for jam over the winter 😉



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