Weekly roundup

Even though my holiday finished last Friday I’ve actually had a more relaxing week this week than when I was supposed to be resting, even though not everything has gone to plan.

I thought my leaking loo would just be a washer, but sadly it’s turned out not to be the case.  So, having taken the cistern apart, I decided I couldn’t fix it and have had to claim on my insurance and they’re sending a plumber out on Tuesday morning.

Speaking of insurance, the Adjudicator from the Financial Ombudsman’s office who is dealing with my new PHI complaint rang me on Thursday.  He said he agrees totally that my insurers should not be reducing my money and he’s already contacted them to ask them to explain why they’ve done so.  He’s hopeful they will reply some time this week.  He’s such a nice chap, keeps me fully informed of what’s happening and is obviously on my side – such a huge difference to my last complaint in 2011 which was a total nightmare.  So I’m more hopeful the issue can be resolved quickly and my money re-instated (famous last words!).

I’m still plodding on with my ESA renewal forms.  I have 6 letters from consultants as my “supporting evidence” so if that’s not enough I give up.  I haven’t even started on the actual form yet though, as it’s taken all week to get the medical evidence together and write the bit about “how my illnesses affect me” which runs to 4 typed pages!

I had a bit of a crisis on Tuesday morning.  Bertie woke unable to put any weight on his front leg.  After a bit of deduction I decided he’d sprained/strained his front “knee”, so gave him some Calpol (at a dose recommended by the Vet, he can’t take anti-inflammatories like Metacam as they make him sick), strapped it up with a compression bandage and only gave him short walks for 2 days.  Thankfully it’s much improved and he’s no longer limping.

I’ve lost 4 followers after posting my Scarlet Woman piece.  I expected it, as women don’t like to hear that it’s the man’s fault when he strays.  Women like to blame the Other Woman even if that makes absolutely no sense.  It’s like having your house burgled and being blamed for leaving the door open.  You should be able to leave the sodding door and every window you possess open without some random stranger pinching your stuff.  Burglary is always the burglar’s fault.  Just like infidelity is always the married cheater’s fault, even if the person they strayed with came on to them.

My weekly roundup is a day early this week.  Today (Saturday) I was supposed to be at a wildlife photography workshop.  I can’t normally afford to go on these things, but someone dropped out and I was offered a half-price ticket.   But yesterday The Curse arrived and I started with a dreadful migraine and awful back pain.  I got hardly a wink of sleep last night and still had my migraine this morning although it’s thankfully fading now.  I’ve also had the worst hormone-related back pain I think I’ve ever experienced, with shooting burning nerve pain in my left hip which stabs me every minute or so.  I can’t sit, stand or lie without awful pain so have had to cancel.  Bloody typical.  They’re holding a 2nd workshop tomorrow and have held a place for me, which is really kind, but I have no idea how I’ll feel in the morning so will just have to play it by ear.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I’ve tried doing some portrait pictures this year having never photographed people before and not possessing any proper studio lighting or equipment (I don’t even have a proper flash for my camera!). I’ll leave you with ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’, which I’ve entered in a competition this week – won’t find out if it did any good for some time yet but will keep you posted.



5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Glo

    Love the photo!! I would like to add that I never understood why it is always the other woman’s fault. Poor little man with no self control!! Have been reading some interesting articles about how women are still perceived in our society. I’m in the states so this has come to the forefront with our first woman soon to be elected. Thinking positive here. Its also true that other women cause a lot of this problem. Same people who complain about how other cultures treat their women. Makesthem sound like possessions not people. I just had a long discussion about this with a friend. When a woman has multiple sexual partners she’s a whose. When men have multiple sexual partners he’s a lucky dog. Why the difference? I could rant about this forever!!


    1. Jak Post author

      Me and you both Glo! The way we perceive women’s and men’s sexuality is still stuck in the dark ages as far as I’m concerned. Mind you, so is child rearing (still a “woman’s job” for the most part – how many blokes do you know that pack their children’s suitcases when they go on holiday?!). OTOH, the courts still weight child custody in favour of the mother which I think is dreadful – the father should have equal rights. We still have a lonnnng way to go.


    1. Jak Post author

      LOL! I think this guy has always had big ears bless him. But it’s true – your ear lobes get really long when you get older, I think they just sag along with everything else 😉



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