Weekly roundup

As regular readers will know, when my parents became ill I found myself working 7 days a week.  I was either trying to keep my own home going or keep theirs going and it was killing me.  So I had to re-evaluate my life and put in place some boundaries – I couldn’t care for them if I was grinding myself into the ground.

One of the things I did was to book three 2 week “holidays” a year – Spring, Autumn and Christmas.  I can’t actually afford to go anywhere, but the plan is just to blob about recharging my batteries, or have my parents help me more by looking after the dog while I go off for whole days out, something I never do.

I started my Autumn staycation last Friday but so far it hasn’t gone quite to plan.   I’ve been doing so much lately that the second I stopped I felt dreadful, so the first 3 days of this week were spent mostly in bed with intense nausea, brain fog, exhaustion and pain.   Next Tuesday night, to help out a friend who is currently in hospital, I agreed to do a 2 hour presentation for our Camera Club’s beginner’s class, so I spent a whole day putting a PowerPoint presentation together.   Next Wednesday night I had my arm twisted to do a 30 minute demonstration on how to use the Google Nik collection software at Camera Club, so one morning I spent 4 hours putting that together.  I also spent 4 hours doing my Church newsletter which is something I volunteer for all year long and this week just happened to be the deadline for the October edition.  I haven’t blobbed about for a single second of any day, or been anywhere, or read any of the foot high pile of books I have next to my bed – it so far hasn’t felt like much of a break.

However, it was my 49th birthday this week and I did have a gorgeous lunch out with my folks, although I did still have to walk Bertie afterwards even though I was shattered.  I have to confess that special days like Birthdays when you’re single are a bit of a same old same old day as there is no-one to bring you breakfast in bed, no-one to volunteer to take the dog out for you and no-one to make a fuss.  Presents and lunch aside it really was just another day doing the same old chores and today I really must do some laundry as I’m running out of clean pants!

Being as though this week hasn’t felt in any way like a holiday I’ve decided to extend my break by another week.  Once I get my presentations out of the way, then spend a few days exhausted and brain fogged from the effort, I’m hoping I will at least get some time to rest and relax.  Wish me luck!



10 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. That Other Jean

    Best of luck to you toward making your second round of staycation more about relaxing and doing what you want, and good wishes for a healthier, more pain-free year..


  2. Pam

    Happy birthday! I think your plan for taking three two week breaks a year is brilliant but as you’ve discovered it’ll only work if you master that word known as ‘no’. I used to find saying no hard but not anymore. It’s not selfish to put your own needs first. If you had gone away rather than on a staycation those people asking you for favours would have just moved on to someone else. There’s a great guide to the art of saying no and sticking to it in the Huff Post. I hope you do manage to get that much needed time to yourself during the second attempt. Good luck! http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/3670763


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for the birthday wishes Pam. Maybe this week my need to feel needed was just stronger than my need to sit and read a book, but after Wednesday night is over with the book reading is definitely on the cards 🙂 Jak x



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