Weekly roundup

Autumn is just around the corner.  The bracken in the forest is starting to turn and when the breeze blows it’s definitely got a nip.  I’ll miss summer – I’m always so much better in terms of pain and fatigue in the warmer weather and as an outdoors girl love being in the fresh air.  Winters are long, grey, rainy and cold here in the north of England.

Monday I went through to the city to visit my neighbour with the fractured pelvis in hospital.  She was in fine spirits and looked the best I’ve seen her in forever despite her leg.  She single-handedly looked after her husband with Parkinson’s for over a decade until his death in February and it was just too much for someone in her 80s.  She was completely worn out and this time in hospital being cared for is just what she needed.

As the summer weather is coming to an end I spent a few days this week tidying up the garden.  It cripples me though and I get really frustrated because I love gardening and if I could I’d spend hours happily weeding, deadheading, pruning and mulching.

I’ve also been doing battle.  My health insurance company are still illegally withholding my money despite a Financial Ombudsman’s ruling in 2011 that they need to pay up.  Trying to speak to someone in the Ombudsman’s office is proving impossible and I just keep getting letters from my Insurance company saying they are “looking into my complaint” and have been since May.  There is nothing to look into.  The Ombudsman ruled, it is legally binding and they need to give me the money to which I’m entitled.  It’s doing my bloody head in and I’ve spent the whole summer trying to survive off 1/3 less income which is tricky when I struggle to survive on a full income to start with.

I’m also having an issue with the Rod Stewart concert Dad and I went to in June.  To cut a long story short we were placed in very different seats to those I’d booked, which is illegal under the Sale of Goods Act and the new seats meant we couldn’t see the 10 minute firework display at the end of the concert.  However, the promoters are refusing to refund me.  My credit card company say they can’t do a charge-back on my card because of some legal technicality, so it looks like I’m going to have to take the Promoters to the small claims court.  Do I need the fucking stress?  No I do not!  However, we’re talking about £200 here so I’m not letting it drop.

Today sees me start a 2 week staycation.  During the 6 week school holidays my dog walker only takes Bertie out 3 days a week instead of 5, plus my cleaner was on holiday for a fortnight.  I’m absolutely exhausted from the extra work and I’m really ready for a rest, even if I can’t afford to go anywhere.  I’ve told my parents I’m doing nothing for them for the next 2 weeks, so on Friday they presented me with a list of jobs to get done before my break.  This included fixing the cooker’s extractor hood which wasn’t working at all, fixing the shower door which had come off its hinges and spraying the kitchen cabinet knobs as some of the black paint had come off them.  Running 2 houses is sodding hard work when you’re sick.

I’m starting my hols with a bang though and meeting my best mate for a pre-birthday lunch (I will turn 49 this month, shhhhh don’t tell anyone 😉 )

The Swallows will soon be starting to leave on their epic 6000 mile 6 week journey to South Africa.  I’ll miss their chatter as they sit on the electricity cable outside my bedroom window and their swooping flight as they catch insects on the wing.  I can spend hours fascinatedly watching them – they really are the most amazing little creatures.  Despite the fact they’ll be leaving in a couple of weeks they are still having young and feeding them.  I’ll leave you with a photo I snapped from my bedroom of a Mum with twins – look how small they are in comparison to the power cable!




2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jak Post author

      I’m in northern England, so our summer days don’t exceed around 25C and we don’t have any humidity. I’d be a limp rag in a hot or humid country x



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