Weekly roundup

My next blog post will be food related.  I don’t talk about food much any more, so thought I’d better give you all an update as to where I’m at and why food isn’t really on my radar.

This week has been pretty relaxed which has been nice.  I have been a bit worried about my lovely Bertie though who, over the past 2 months, has been losing weight.  He does scavenge and loves to eat sheep poo, so consequently is prone to worms and that’s initially what I thought it was.  So I gave him his 3 monthly worming tablet early and upped his food intake by 50%.  He initially gained a few hundreds grams, but then promptly lost them again.  So I took him to the Vet who gave him a longer course of worming medication and told me to up his food again.  So he was now eating double his usual portions.  Again he initially gained 400grams, so I reduced his food back to only 50% extra and he starting losing again.  We were back at the Vets on Monday and she did some blood tests – all the usual, eg. white and red cell count, diabetes, liver, kidneys, pancreas etc.  The great news is they were all totally normal, but of course that means we still don’t know why he’s losing weight.  The Vet has offered to do a test for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency but being as though Bertie is actually totally fine in himself, ie not ill in any way or extra tired or anything, her advice was to wait another month and just monitor his weight.  So I’m still over-feeding him by 50% and he is currently stable.  But I shouldn’t have to be over-feeding him!  His exercise needs haven’t changed, his food hasn’t changed………..something is obviously wrong, I just don’t know what.

Tuesday the Chairman of my Camera Club came to my house to look through my images.  I’d like to apply for my first photographic Award, the CPAGB (Credit, Photographic Alliance of Great Britain), so need 10 images to put before the jury panel.  Our chairman used to be a PAGB judge so knows which pictures work and which don’t, which is great.  He’s chosen 12 for me to print off then we’re going to whittle them down to the final 10.  The CPAGB is only given twice a year, and I’ve missed this year’s.  The first panel in 2017 is down south and too far for me to travel, so I might not be able to apply until next November (!) but still have to get the ball rolling with my application.  It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I had a super day on Wednesday.  For my Dad’s recent birthday I decided rather than buy him something he doesn’t need I’d take him on a day out instead.  The weather was perfect and we went to an old Mining museum and had a ride up the mountain on a little steam train.  Then we walked with Bertie to a pretty Church high up in the fells, and rounded off with tea and cake at a gorgeous cafe.  Here are a couple of photos I took on the day – how lucky am I to live where I do? 🙂

Last week I mentioned a project I’d been working on in my garden.  I’ve had some decking laid, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s something I’ve wanted for 12 years now so to finally get it done is fabulous.  I had a little area at the front of my house which was gravelled.  I hate gravel.  You can’t walk on it (especially with crutches), you can’t put furniture on it and whoever had put it down hadn’t laid a weed membrane so they just grew up through the stones!  I didn’t want to pave it (too expensive) and didn’t want to turf it (don’t need grass to mow), so ended up laying a ground level deck which Bertie loves as it means he no longer has to sit with uncomfortable chippings digging in his derriere 😉

Yesterday I unintentionally upset someone on Social Media but actually feel mad at having to apologise!  A family friend posted a gorgeous photo of a springer spaniel dog and announced it was the new addition to her family.  I asked all sorts of questions and the reply was that she had been kept in a kennel and used as a breeding bitch.  She’d just had her last litter of puppies however and couldn’t have any more so was being given away.  I replied “Awww, bless her.  She obviously needs lots of TLC and you are just the right person to give her that.  If you have any problems just shout.  When I adopted Bertie he had all sorts of emotional issues, despite having a good start in life.”  What I didn’t know was that the breeder my friend got her off was on her bloody facebook page and was related to her fiance!  So she pipes up “Polly might have lived in a kennel but was very well looked after and loved!”  Fuck-a-doodle-do.  My poor friend was now stuck in the middle and replied “of course she was loved.  You are our guardian angel by letting us have her and can come and see her any time you like.”

I also replied “Sorry, I just meant she’d need lots of love being adopted.  Bert came from a loving home and was very well looked after, but understandably had problems when I adopted him because he missed his previous owners.”  That wasn’t actually what I’d meant by my comment of course, but I was backpeddling frantically to keep the peace for my friend.  I now daren’t log on to Facebook this morning to see if the breeder has replied.

The thing is, I think the breeder is pond scum and the fact I’ve had to apologise to her is killing me.  How can she say a dog is loved when it’s lived in a kennel on its own for 6 years (bearing in mind this is the freezing, wet north of England not California) and now they can’t make any more money out of her she’s being tossed away like trash?  And how can they say she’s been well taken care of when Springer Spaniels are gun dogs and need masses of mental games and stimulation to keep them happy, which it obviously hasn’t received?  If that’s your idea of love I feel sorry for you.  Don’t get me started on the way many dogs are treated, with absolutely no regard for their individual and breed needs, the fact they are an actual dog who barks to communicate and needs to sniff when out walking, or the fact they are pack animals who need social stimulation, to meet and greet other dogs and not spend the majority of their day alone, and yet all dog owners think they’re perfectly good people who love their pet.  If dog’s could talk I bet they’d tell a different story.




One thought on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Hi Jak, I hope Bertie is doing better. It’s so hard when they are not well and can’t tell you what’s going on. He’s lucky to have you!

    Loved the photos – beautiful landscape!

    I agree with you about the breeder – giving away a dog after they have outlived their financial usefulness is terrible. That they can give it away after six years, shows that the dog never really was part of their family. Just because you said it doesn’t mean you’re not the only one thinking it!


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