Weekly roundup

Better late than never 🙂

This week has been sunny, warm (not hot) and dry………..and I’ve felt brilliant!  Loads of energy and motivation and my pain levels have been good.  I do really well in this kind of weather, the only down-side being I use my energy to catch up on all sorts of jobs I can’t do the rest of the time, which leaves me over-stimulated and unable to sleep.  So my new-found energy only lasts about 5 days before I crash from exhaustion due to my insomnia.  Rock v hard place.

Before I start on my roundup I just thought I’d let you know that I learned something new when writing yesterday’s blog post.  I learned that the 3 friends I mentioned were all hiding wealth – isn’t that odd?!  Two of the people had wealthy families they were hiding and the other had a spouse with a really well paid job that was kept very much under wraps.  Funny I hadn’t seen that until I wrote it down.

Monday was my step-Dad’s 77th birthday.  We went up the lakes for lunch and had a lovely time because Mum wasn’t too drunk and Dad wasn’t too loopy which in my world = happy days!

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on a project in my garden – more on that next week.  Also on Tuesday I discovered my elderly next door neighbour, the one who lost her husband earlier this year, was in hospital.  She’d woke up Sunday morning unable to move – turns out she’d broken her hip in her sleep!!!  Despite now being in the Infirmary for an entire week she still hasn’t had the surgery to fix it, as she has a really bad skin condition and they’re trying to get that under control first, worried that it will infect the operation site.  I think it’s barbaric to leave an 84 year old with a broken hip for a whole week, but then I’m not a Doctor.  In a strange twist of fate, I’d asked her just a few days earlier if I could take her photo, so here is Mary.  It needs a lot of work still, but you get the drift:

Thursday my Dad had asked me to look at the water butt in his garden which wasn’t holding any water.  I got it dismantled and this was the ensuing conversation:
Me: “Have you shoved a bamboo cane up this water butt hose Dad?”
Dad: “Yeah, I did now you mention it.”
Me: “Why did you do that then?”
Dad: “Just thought I’d give it a clean out.”
Me: “Was it working before you ‘cleaned it out'”?
Dad: “Yeah.  Why have I buggered it?”
Me holding up a 2″ piece of bamboo cane: “I found this lodged in the hose – must have broken off and was plugging up the hole.”
Dad: “Eee, fancy that.  No wonder the water couldn’t get through!”

Friday my bezzie mate came through to see me.  As she’s Coeliac and my kitchen is a gluten nightmare she usually has lunch first, then drives the 45 minutes to my house for 1pm.  Only at 12.45pm I get a text to say she’ll be late as the traffic was awful.  By 2pm she still hadn’t arrived and eventually the phone went to say there had been a crash on the M6 motorway and she hadn’t moved an inch in over an hour.  Several phone calls later and she managed to get off at the next Service Station and escape the gridlock by taking a little service road used by maintenance vehicles which I knew about as I once broke down on the M6 and the AA man towed me home via said service road.  She finally reached me at 2.45pm, shattered and nearly two hours late, only to conk out 2 hours later (she has ME) and have to drive home again!



3 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Darcy Jett

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well the photo that you took of Mary and her home cuts too deep for words. I guess timing is everything especially when it comes to photography. You have a gift, don’t give up sharing it.


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment Darcy 🙂 I remember many homes like Mary’s from my childhood, when working class people didn’t have money and everyone’s houses were dropping to bits, and hoped that would come through in the picture. Also the clutter and the sense of how small she looks amidst it all. Glad you got the same message about the sadness of it all from the photo, which is what I’d hoped to convey. Jak x



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