Weekly roundup

Gosh, where do I start?  This week has been a bit nuts but I achieved a lot so I guess it was worth it.

Monday my Dad had his first appointment with the Psychologist who is doing some more in-depth testing for his dementia.  My Dad still doesn’t know he has suspected Alzheimer’s so doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about just because he’s “a bit forgetful at times”.  The Doctor was lovely and over the next 4 weeks is going to build up a picture of the areas my Dad does well in and the areas in which is struggles.  This should help target strategies to help him deal with his symptoms.

Monday afternoon I painted the wrought iron hand rails which lead down the steps to my parents’ apartment.  It’s almost impossible to get tradesmen to do small jobs like that and I find it less stressful to do it myself and just put up with the consequences to my health.

I’ve had to arrange for my parents to have a new washing machine, which was arriving on Wednesday morning, so on Tuesday I had to go and disconnect their old one ready to be taken away.  It was a right faff because it’s integrated inside the kitchen unit not free-standing, but with a bit of huffing and puffing I managed.  I can’t believe I have 2 perfectly healthy brothers who live in the same town as my parents but leave me, the sick child who can barely get dressed or feed herself some days, to do all this stuff :-/

Once the new washer was delivered on Wednesday I had to plumb it in.  The delivery company would have done it for a fee of £90 (a third of the price of the bloody machine!), however because it’s integrated if the kitchen door and plinth didn’t fit exactly they wouldn’t have put them back on leaving me to do it in any event.  I wasn’t about to pay £90 for the plumbing work, which is basically screwing the cold water feed pipe on and plugging the machine in, so did it myself.   Thankfully it only took an hour or so to fit the new machine and with a bit of adjustment the kitchen door and plinth fitted over the new machine no problem.  Whew!  I did strain my shoulder pushing the machine in the cupboard, shredded the skin on the back of my hand trying to adjust the feet, banged my head on the cupboard ten times as I judged the distance badly so now have a bruised forehead, and did something unknown to my SI joint which is now killing me, but at least my parents have clean clothes again 😉

Despite all this I also went out Wednesday night.  I was nauseous with exhaustion before I even set off but I’d said I was turning up so turn up I did.  It was a Camera Club outing to a local deer park followed by a bar-b-q.  Unfortunately it was a typical British summer day, with rain that came down in stair rods, so by the time I’d sat on my little seat stick and took photos for an hour I was like a drowned rat despite my waterproofs!  And being vegetarian bar-b-qs do nothing for me, particularly as I knew everyone was eating the cute little bambis I’d just been photographing 😦  However, I stayed for a luke-warm cuppa and a chocolate doughnut just to be sociable before heading off and getting straight into a warm bath!  I haven’t had the energy to edit the photos yet but here are a couple that I’ve played with:

Thursday my car was in the garage all afternoon to see if they could find the reason I get white noise and engine whine through my stereo speakers.  They couldn’t, so a waste of time that was.

Friday was my lovely Bertie boy’s birthday.  He was 2½ when I adopted him and is now 8 – where the hell has that time gone?!  He spent virtually the whole day eating treats and not understanding why he was suddenly allowed to stuff his face, but he was happy 😉

Also on Friday I’d asked someone I know to model for me.  One of the competitions this season is called “geometric shapes” and I had in my head an image of someone blowing smoke rings.  Actually photographing the smoke rings turned out to be tricky and involved charring my bedroom floor and burning a hole in my jeans but I’m happy enough with the final image:

Apart from the pain, fatigue and insomnia a busy week like this brings it also makes me “emotionally labile”, which in my case means weepy, so I’ve spent the weekend feeling fragile both physically and emotionally.  Even after twenty years I still find this weirdly exhausted emotional state hard to live with as isn’t in my personality the rest of the time.  This is when being single sucks, as I’m sure a nice cuddle and someone offering to make a meal, run me a bath or put the bins out would help no end.


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