Weekly roundup

This week I’ve wanted to strangle my parents.  Either that or emigrate to a desert island and just leave them to it.  I don’t usually go through to see them on Wednesdays as my cleaner is here and she hoovers inside my car for me, but of course I ring them.  Which I did no less than 4 times.  The next day I made my usual 9am phone call, asked if everything was OK and was reassured it was.  Then an hour later Mum rings back to say “oh, I forgot to tell you earlier your Nan had a small stroke so your Dad’s going to see her in the Care Home this afternoon”.
“When did this happen?” I ask.
“And you didn’t think to tell me when we spoke on the phone last night?”
“I didn’t know last night.”
“Er, I’m confused.  Why did Dad not tell you yesterday?”
“Well he got the call on his mobile while I was in A&E so he didn’t tell me until this morning.”
“What were you doing in A&E?”
“I fell in the kitchen and split my arm open.”
“And you didn’t think to tell me this last night?  Or when I rang an hour ago?”
“Well I knew you were tired last night so I didn’t want to worry you” which is bullshit, she didn’t want to tell me because she will have been drunk  “but you’re right, I should have told you this morning.”
I give up.  I give up that my Mother ended up in A&E and neither she nor my Dad felt I should know and I give up that my Nan has a stroke and my Dad doesn’t even bother to tell his wife or his daughter.  WTF?!

Tuesday I’d asked an odd job man to come and do me some painting outside as I’m simply too exhausted, busy and in too much pain to do DIY myself.  He was to do my downspout, my tiny little front gate and the outside of my shed doors.  He was charging an extortionate £20 an hour but I thought he’d get those small jobs done in less than a day.  Think again.  Not only did he not finish he made the worst job I’ve ever seen in my life then charged me £172 for the privilege.  My downspout was left streaky and when he painted the shed doors he got white paint all over the green hinges and fixtures which will now need to be re-painted even though there was nothing wrong with them:

And despite putting 3 coats of paint on the gate he left it looking like this:

Of course, he wanted to keep painting the gate until he got it right but at £20 an hour I told him to forget it.  So that leaves me having to finish the gate, get up a ladder to put another coat on the downspout and painstakingly go over all the shed hinges and latches with a tiny brush myself.  This is why I don’t ask people to “help” me.  Needless to say I will be deducting 4 hours at £20 an hour off his bill to pay for the time it will take me to put his shoddy work right.  If he wants to take me to the small claims court for the rest he can be my guest.

Thursday I made the 1½ hour drive to the other side of the County for a bone density scan and the 1½ hour drive back.  They won’t tell you the results so I was told to make an appointment with my GP for a week’s time to discuss.  I just laughed.  It takes me 7-8 weeks to get an appointment with my GP.  If the results are OK you simply never hear another thing about it.  If they’re not OK the GP will get round to ringing you – eventually.

Following the Brexit Referendum I had to endure all the “we are doomed” reports on Social Media from my friends who spouted endless diatribe about our country’s “catastrophic” decision to leave the EU.  Today, a month after Brexit, the FTSE 100 is at an 11 month high and as reported in the Telegraph: “The pound bounced back after the Bank of England agents report showed “no clear evidence” of slowing economic activity following Britain’s vote to leave the EU”.  You have no idea how much I want to say “I told you so” but I shall try my best to restrain myself 😉

Friday I got stuck in a car wash. I drove in, the water skimmed over my car, the brushes descended onto my bonnet……….and just sat there.  There’s a sign on the side which tells you to ring a number if you need help, only when I rang it the line was dead.  Helpful.  Luckily I managed to back the car out and go and tell the kiosk lady what had happened.  “Here’s your money back then” was all I got out of her, not even a free sodding wash for when it’s fixed!   It could only happen to me 😉

p.s. you’ll be pleased to know I’ve woken this morning my usual calm, unruffled self.  I have period pains so am definitely blaming yesterday’s arsiness on my hormones!



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