We’re all doomed

Bear with me in this post.  It may seem like it’s about politics, but it’s really not.  It’s a wider issue about how puzzling I find human nature and why, most of the time, I want to go live in a cave and have nothing to do with the rest of the human race.

As I mentioned in another post, I had to take a break from Facebook after the UK voted to leave the European Union.  The anger, mud slinging, ranting and loud cries of “we’re all doomed!” did my shagging head in.  I absolutely couldn’t see the point to it.  Have people not got better things to do with their energy than spend hours every day ranting at their friends through social media which achieves absolutely fuck all.  If you feel that strongly about your Government bloody well DO something about it.  Become a political activist.  Lobby your MP.   Join political forums where you can all rant and argue to your heart’s content if that’s how you want to spend your time – I personally can think of better things to do with mine.

I personally didn’t vote to leave the EU but I absolutely respect other people’s right to.  I think their reasons were naive and misguided for the most part, but I absolutely understand them.   Their fears, particularly over uncontrolled levels of economic migration, had been ignored by successive governments for years and finally they had a chance to get their voice heard.  And heard it was.  Good on them.

Where I think both sides have the argument wrong is that the Leave voters think the EU have been making decisions on the NHS, Welfare and Education, which they absolutely have not.  And the Stay voters think that leaving the EU will affect the NHS, Welfare and Education, which it will not.  Our Government makes policies in these areas – you want change, vote for a different Government in the next general election.  Why anyone voted these right-wing, elitist Tories in in the first place astounds me.  How the majority of my countrymen voted in Cameron, who claimed Disability benefits for his disabled son despite earning 3 times the national average wage then, after he died, made the same benefit almost impossible to claim plunging millions of disabled people into poverty astounds me.  But this is not an EU issue, it’s a Government issue.

The EU Referendum was a democratic vote and I abide by my country’s decision, even though I don’t necessarily agree with it.  Having made that decision, I am behind my country 110%.  I have to live here.  I want my country to succeed.  I can’t get my head around people online constantly spouting about our failing economy, how the UK is going to break up and how, in 1001 ways, we’re all doomed.  It’s almost as if they actively want the UK to fail so they can stick their tongues out like 5 year olds in a school playground and say “na na, told you so!”.  Who the fuck does that?!

Following the Decision there were people online saying they were “ashamed to be British”.  Why’s that exactly?  Because we’re the 5th richest economy in the world despite, as a country, being the size of the state of Oregon?!  Because we have an (admittedly imperfect) health care system which is the envy of the world?!  Because our country is so fabulous half of all economic migrants from all over Europe want to live here?  God, it sounds awful – I wish I could leave (yes, I’m being ironic).

Having fears over uncontrolled migration to a country the size of a postage stamp and who doesn’t have the resources to serve its current population isn’t racist.  It’s justifiable and realistic.  Those people who’ve jumped on the racism bandwagon, on both sides, sicken me.

Scotland now want to leave the UK.   Again. They want another referendum on independence, despite the fact they had one only 18 months ago and the majority of Scots chose to remain as part of Britain.   The Leave brigade didn’t like the decision, obviously, so they undemocratically want another vote because they don’t respect the choice made by their fellow Scots.   And there you have it folks – not respecting any other choice than your own.  Stamping your feet like kids in a playground going “I don’t like it!”.  Tough.  It’s called democracy and if you lived in an un-democratic country such as North Korea you’d realize quite how lucky you are to have it.

Northern Ireland are now also calling for a referendum on independence from the UK.  They want to be part of Eire, ie. the Republic of Ireland.  They want to leave the 5th richest economy in the world and join a bankrupt country who had to be bailed out by the EU, which by the way includes Britain.  Fabulous choice, knock yourself out.

The young voters were particularly vocal after the Decision to leave was made.  Leave votes apparently “robbed them of their futures” yet when quizzed they couldn’t tell anyone how, exactly.  Of all of my young friends who want to go and work, or live, in a foreign country none of them are chosing Poland or Romania – they are chosing Australia or New Zealand, neither of which are in the EU.  We are not closing our borders and chaining everyone to their beds for God’s sake – all the hysteria is absolutely draining.

The decision to leave the EU will not all be positive.  Neither will it all be negative.  Change is always unsettling and there’s a lot of work to be done.  All we’ve realistically achieved is to become like dozens of other countries in the world, eg Japan and America, who manage to survive despite not being a member of the EU.  In fact, they’ve fared a whole lot better than Greece and Ireland, both of whom declared bankruptcy while being part of the EU.

I refuse to read another word on how the UK is doomed and simply cannot understand the mentality of those going round like the fucking Grim Reaper.  Get behind your country.  Show some respect for your fellow countrymen and for the democracy your forebears fought so hard for.  Be proud to be British.  I know I am.



3 thoughts on “We’re all doomed

  1. Alan Lewis

    Bloody well said!! I personally voted leave and am finding it utterly tiresome that so many people I know, most of whom are relatively intelligent, successful people, seem to want the UK to fail as a result of this decision. I guess I’m an optimist and a problem solver. I hadn’t realised how many people are strongly pessimistic and doom mongers!

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  2. Glo

    Live in the states and have been following the political situation there. I agree with you. The vote is in so move on and instead of wasting breath complaining do what you can to make things better. It could be so much worse. You could have the embarrassment of having Donald Trump running for president, or any political position.

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    1. Jak Post author

      LOL! It was dodgy here for a while when it looked like Boris Johnson was going to run the country, who is the UK equivalent of Trump, but thank heavens he was forced to quit!

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