Weekly roundup

I’ve found this week hard going.  I seem to’ve found this year hard going so far if I’m honest.  I’m just physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted with everything that’s gone on and feel like I need a month lying on a beach in Mauritius being waited on hand and foot to get my oompf back.  I have 2 hopes: no hope and Bob Hope.

I’m finding all the EU Referendum stuff really stressful and will be glad when it’s over one way or the other.  I normally love going on Facebook and reading about what everyone is up to as I have zero social life, but it’s naturally very political atm with everyone thinking you should think as they think, and be voting as they vote, and challenging you when you dare to voice another opinion.  It’s great that people are passionate about politics but it does get to the point where you daren’t open your mouth.  I’m too ill for it all and the emotions it generates.  I don’t understand this need to challenge anyone who doesn’t think the way you do.  If I read something a friend has written that I don’t agree with I just say nothing because they’re entitled to their opinion.

Monday obviously was my Anaesthetic appt in Newcastle which I wrote about here.  I’ll talk more about what I do, or don’t, decide to do another day.

My dog walker is in Cyprus on holiday all week, so I’m having to take Bertie out every morning which I find tough.  I’m always awake by 6am, but to be up, breakfasted, dressed and out by 9am is really hard when you have M.E.  I come home at 10am feeling fluey and achy and it takes me til lunchtime to get over it.

Tuesday was Bertie’s MRI scan, so I had to take him out super early, then drive 30 miles to the specialist Orthopaedic vets for 10am and leave him there.  When I left the house at 8am my elderly neighbour (the one whose husband has recently died) was in her garden in a state.  She’d gotten up in the night for a wee and found the bathroom carpet all wet – her toilet was leaking.  There was nothing I could do as Bertie took priority, but I told her to shove some towels under it til I got back at 11am and I’d sort it.  Luckily I had a plumber coming to my house to service my gas boiler, so before he started work I asked him to pop next door and assess the problem which turned out to be a leaking ballcock.  Unfortunately though he was too tied up that day to fix it himself.  I tried ringing 4 plumbers, none of whom were available, before finally finding one who could come out as an emergency that lunchtime and sort it.  I drove back to the vets at 3pm ready to collect Bertie at 4pm.  The scan showed he has a herniated (ie “bulging”) disc right at the base of his spine near his tail.  We’d suspected disc disease but nothing as bad as that – the disc is pushing nearly 3/4 of the way across his spinal canal.  The Vet said if it had been any further up his spine he would already be paralysed!  Thankfully where it is it’s less likely to cause sudden paralysis, though can cause back leg weakness and fecal incontinence and of course is very painful.  We’ve agreed to manage the pain for the time being, though surgery is an option if it gets any worse.  Bertie coped great with the anaesthetic though was completely stoned, and hilarious, for the rest of the night 😉

Rub my tummy mummy!

Rub my tummy mummy!

Wednesday my cleaner was here and I spent the day trying to catch up on jobs like laundry, paperwork, cooking and the garden.  I did go and see the owner of the upholstery business and told him that his employee had bawled at me and made me cry on Monday, and he apologized and said he’d have a word.  Which he did and came back to see me on Friday saying he’d told her that I wasn’t to be spoken to like that in my own home and she needed to rein it in.

Thursday I’d arranged for the groomer to come to the house to clip Bertie, so after his morning walk I had to shower him, dry him and brush him.  The Groomer told me a bungalow was coming up for sale near her in the next village, so I spent the whole day ummming and ahhhing over whether to apply for it.  I love my little cottage, but I know it would be better for me to not have stairs plus it’s become so noisy where I live and with all the carry on with people parking in my drive and the nasty woman at the Upholstery place I’m looking to move.  However I decided in the end the bungalow was just too big for me, with 3 bedrooms and a humongous garden which I simply couldn’t maintain, which is a shame as I don’t want to leave the area and single story properties that I can afford rarely come up for sale.

Friday I went through to see my parents who I’d neglected all week.  There was some paperwork to do and the bulb had gone in the bedroom ceiling light so I had to get out the stepladders and take the fancy light fitting to bits to replace it.  I really wasn’t feeling well though and could barely stand upright for stomach pains.  It wasn’t til I got home that night and looked at my diary that I realized my period was due.  Saturday morning I was woken at 3.30am by horrendous period/back/leg and stomach pain with the advent of my monthly friend.  It needs to fuck right off – I’ve been in Peri-menopause for 4 years now, when is the actual Menopause going to kick in????!    So Saturday was a right off as I’d barely had a wink of sleep and felt like someone was in my pelvis with a blow torch.

It’s Father’s Day today so we’re going out for lunch.  I don’t know whether to dread it or look forward to it – I guess it depends how drunk my Mum is as to how it will go.

The highlight of my week was seeing a Duck with her ducklings on the river, and 2 little Sandmartin chicks poking their heads out their nest.  My tiny garden is also starting to look really pretty now that summer has arrived and I sit on my swing seat for ages just watching the insects and birds going about their business.  Nature is wonderful and never fails to raise my spirits.



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