Weekly roundup

Apologies for not posting this week, I’ve been too busy and exhausted.

I’m starting off with some exciting news for a change.  I have an international online shop which sells my photos as merchandise: cards, notebooks, bags, prints, posters, canvas, phone, tablet and laptop skins and even clothing.  This week someone in America bought a duvet cover with a picture of my lovely Bertie on the front – I was absolutely tickled pink!  So I am sleeping with him on one side of the pond and a total stranger is sleeping with him on the other 😉  My shop is here if anyone wants a look.  If you click on any photo it will take you to that picture’s page – scroll down and click on the tabs: the ‘available products’ tab tells you what merchandise is available for that photo, and the ‘i’ tab gives you options for each product.

I also found out one of my stock photos had been sold and used by a Russian newspaper and another of my pictures has been sold and used by the Royal Bank of Scotland – fame at last 😉

Monday was my Mum’s 76th birthday.  We went out for lunch, sitting outside in the lovely warm sunshine, and it was quite pleasant – well, as pleasant as these things go when my Mum’s drunk and isn’t exactly present.

Tuesday my car was booked into the garage to have the air conditioning regassed.  Only as quickly as they put the gas in it leaked from a hole in the compressor.  So they’ve had to order a new one and I have to take it back to be fitted.  At least the cost is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, so that’s a relief.

Weds was my 180 mile round trip to Newcastle for my follow up gynae appointment.  It wasn’t good news.  I was hopeful I’d be able to have a hysterectomy with an epidural and an open incision but, just my bloody luck, I can’t.  There’s a large patch of endometriosis on the back of my womb sticking it to my bowel, so they need to go in from the back not the front.  This is best done via keyhole with the robotic arms.  Why do all these complications happen to me FFS?!!  I’m back at the hospital on Monday to see the Anaesthetist who will decide if surgery is possible, given my drug history and risks.

Friday I had an 80 mile round trip to a specialist Orthopaedic Vet regarding Bertie’s chronic back pain.  He thinks he may have one or more slipped discs, so I’m having to take Bert back on Tuesday for an MRI scan.

I have a friend with severe ME who lives over an hours drive away from me.  As the Vets was kind’ve halfway there, I decided to carry on from my Vet appointment and visit her.  We rarely get to see each other, as she is too ill to travel and I struggle to make such a long journey, so it was fabulous to be able to meet up in person and we had a lovely hour together 🙂

Needless to say I’m feeling quite washed out and foggy headed today following my stupidly busy week.  But I’ve actually coped brilliantly and I’m kind’ve proud of my body for holding up so well 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Glo

    Good for you getting things out there to sell. Hope that goes wonderfully for you. Will be sending positive thoughts for your anesthesia tolerance. Am now going to look at your items for sale.


  2. d

    Congratulations on your sales! That is so great – if you end up seeing the Bank Of Scotland’s use of your photo, please link to it. I’d love to see it.

    Sounds like your week was a typical one of great news to be followed by “oh sorry, were you in a good mood? Let’s fix that.” kind of news. I hope you get some good news from the anesthesiologist. If anyone can handle what comes, it’s you (although I would really like it if you could get a break once in a while!).




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