Weekly roundup

This week has been emotionally and physically hard going.  I’ve had yet another awful menstrual period and have been plagued with migraines 😦  I had a 3 day-er with vomiting leading up to my period, I had a 1 day-er during my period, and another 2 day-er (which is still lingering) as my period is tailing off.  So really the last 10 days have been a right off and I’ve been hormonal, emotional and totally pissed off.

I knew the migraines were coming because I get ravenously hungry, while at the same time feeling sick to the very pit of my stomach.  I can’t face normal food though and always get strange cravings, usually for ice cream (which I never touch any other time), fizzy pop (which again I never drink), crisps and other nutritionally-deficient shite.   I couldn’t eat a piece of nice fruit, or a healthy sani, if you paid me.

In amongst it all I’ve been trying to buy my Mum’s birthday presents – she’ll be 76 next week.   A few days ago the cleaner accidentally broke a table lamp Mum has in her lounge, so she asked if a new lamp could be one of her prezzies.  I knew exactly the kind she wanted but tbh they’re rather old fashioned and the only one I could get was “vintage” (ha!) off Ebay.  I spent two head banging days looking for just the right one, persuaded the seller to end the auction early, the lamp arrived……..and it had been badly damaged in transit and was unusable.  FFS!  So despite the rats gnawing at the inside of my skull I had to drive into town on Thursday to go lamp shopping as I’m running out of time.  I’ve settled on a Tiffany style and had to tell my Mum she wasn’t getting the figurine-style lamp she ideally wanted as no-one makes them anymore, but hopefully she’ll like the alternative – I just hope the damned thing arrives this week as it had to be ordered.

Thankfully I woke on Weds banging-head free and was able to take my Dad through to the city for his CT scan.  However, the day didn’t go to plan.  We got there to find the scanning unit packed to the rafters and boiling hot (it’s in a part of the hospital with no windows or air con) – apparently one of the machines had broken down that morning so they were running 2 hours behind.  Yay.  My Dad is like a caged lion when he’s nervous and can’t sit still.  At one stage he decided to “go for a wander” to the end of the corridor in search of a magazine and for the first time ever I was anxious he’d get lost and not come back – it’s weird to have to keep an eye on your parent like they’re a child.  When our turn eventually came the scan only took 4 minutes from start to finish which was great, but although the Memory Clinic have the results they can’t discuss them with us until they’ve discussed them with my Dad’s GP, who is currently on holiday for a fortnight.

Today, if the dizziness I’ve woken with settles, I’m driving the 45 minutes to see my best mate. I was due to go yesterday but spent the day in bed feeling like my head was imploding instead.  My friend has both ME, POTS and is Coeliac.  As she lives near the city there are luckily places which do gluten-free food and she and her partner ate at one of their regular haunts last week, believing the meal she chose was coeliac friendly.  However, she then spent the next few days exploding from both ends.  Turns out the regular chef hadn’t been in that night and the under-chef didn’t realize that the batter used for the onion rings was made with wheat flour.  So my friend had been glutened.  This is really serious for Coeliacs, as gluten can give them stomach cancer not to mention making them horrendously ill.  Just eating one tiny onion ring will show gluten in her system for several months.

Restaurants these days are required by law to state any allergens in their food, but you have to wonder how informed the staff really are.  Gluten is a hidden ingredient in many products you wouldn’t ever think of, like Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise and even some packets of pre-grated Cheddar cheese.  A take-away owner was jailed for 2 years this week after claiming his food was suitable for someone with a peanut allergy, only to kill a punter.  It was found he used almond flour, not realizing this would be unsuitable for someone with a nut allergy!

To end on a lighter note, and let’s face it my life needs light this week, I’ve been playing about with some photos I did of my friend’s kids using shadow puppets of my own hand I made on the wall.  The girls loved them 🙂





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