Pelvic MRI Results

I was getting fed up of waiting for the results of the pelvic MRI I had 6 weeks ago, but yesterday a short letter arrived in the post.  It stated the scan showed “probable endometriosis and adenomyosis” (read about both here) and I now have an appointment on 8th June to discuss.  There was no mention of fibroids, so I’m now not sure if what looked like fibroids on the Ultrasound was really adonomyosis or whether I have both.  They did find a plum sized pendunculated fibroid (ie one that sits on the outside of the womb) on Ultrasound, but this again wasn’t mentioned in the MRI results letter and I don’t know why.  It’s all a bit confusing.

The fact they’ve found endometriosis comes as absolutely no surprise.  I’ve had the classic symptoms of endo since I was in my late teens.  Why it wasn’t picked up on the MRI scan I had at my local hospital in November though remains a mystery – everything my local hospital does is a mystery!  The reason I chose to go to the RVI in Newcastle is that it’s a centre of excellence for endometriosis and I knew beyond doubt they’d find endo when they opened me up.

I’d never heard of adenomyosis but having Googled it all makes sense.  I have every one of the symptoms and it explains my excruciating period pain all these decades.  The only real cure for adeno is a hysterectomy – bring it on, I can’t wait.

So, it looks like I have virtually every pelvic disease known to man: fibroids, endo, adeno and polysistic ovaries.  Yayy for me!  As it’s all been left for 30 years I dread to think what my pelvis will look like when they cut me open.  Seriously, with exploding chocolate cysts ontop of everything else I bet everything is stuck together and there are adhesions for England.  It’s not going to be pretty.

I feel like I’m finally in good hands though and I’ll let you know what the Gynae says in June.


5 thoughts on “Pelvic MRI Results

  1. d

    Good luck Jak – while I am sorry you have every pelvic disease known to man (go big or go home!) I am very glad that the cancer diagnosis is off the table.


  2. Karen, The Walking Allergy

    I felt SO much better after my endometriosis surgery, over 14 years ago. I only had a small amount, but it had adhered my ovary to my Fallopian tube. I get to join the pelvic floor club- I have a prolapsing rectum! Quite the surprise- but it explains a lot. Hoping I can get eating and properly hydrated again, if not, it will have no chance of healing, and surgery will be required. The entire thing is very undignified. Fortunately, having two children wipes out any hesitancy one may have had to have one’s privates put on display.

    On a more practical note, my sister had to have her uterus removed- she had a horrible time with the mesh, and tearing sutures near her cervix. They tried to repair it, but in the end they had to go back in, remove the mesh, use a deeper, layering suture. It’s fine now. I reacted like hell to the N-G tube. Didn’t matter what it was- it was foreign, and my body was attacking it for all it was worth. A few weeks ago, a knot from a ‘dissolvable stitch’ worked out of my belly. I haven’t had abdominal surgery in four years. Definitely something to do more research on (for both of us).


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