Sorry if you all thought I’d jumped off a cliff.  I might as well have done.  I’m having laptop woes and am currently without my machine.  It’s like having my arms cut off.

A few months ago my laptop started playing up and to cut a long story short needed a new hard drive.  I opted to spend £140 on that rather than £500 on a new machine as I was skint (when am I not skint?!).  Less than 3 months later the keyboard started to overheat.  I though it would just be one of the fans not working but, no, there’s a problem with the motherboard shorting.  Somebody shoot me.  It’s currently away at Acer but they may say it’s uneconomical to fix it in which case I’ll end up spending £500 on a new laptop anyway and the £140 I spent in Feb will be wasted.  Fuck-a-doodle-do.

However, it’s not all bad news.  My lovely computer engineer has put my hard drive in a tower so that I can still get online and have all my software, photos and documents.  But it’s not wireless, so I’m currently typing this sat in the hall, on a very uncomfortable dining chair, rather than in my bed where it’s snuggly and warm.  It’s just not the same.  Not by a long chalk.

So, what I have I been up to in my absence? On Wednesday I drove through to the City to take some photographs of striking Junior Doctors at my local hospital.  My Camera Club sets a themed challenge over the summer and this year the theme is ‘photojournalism’.  I got a good snap of some young doctors with their placards which I hope will do for my entry come September.

My 2½ month old car started to make a whining noise a few weeks ago, so on Friday I drove 30 miles to the Vauxhall garage for it to be investigated, but did it make the noise while I was there?  Big fat no.  They think it’s one of the alternator bearings, but until they can actually hear the noise they don’t know which one to replace, so I have to wait until the noise starts up again and go down there that day – like I’ve got absolutely nothing else to do with my time.

As my Dad has officially been diagnosed with Dementia (he has a CT scan in 2 weeks to determine the cause) I’m trying to do things with him while he is still capable and can remember the event.  So on Saturday I took him and the dog on a little miniature steam train journey high up in the Fells (that’s mountains to anyone not from Cumbria 😉 ).  We had a gorgeous day.  There was still snow but it was spring-like and sunny and afterwards Bertie and I had a walk down by one of the Lakes.  Here are a few snaps of the scenery (I haven’t been able to look at the other photos I took on the day as I’ve been computer-less until now!).  How lucky am I to live in such a place, with stunning mountains all around and lakes, rivers and countryside inbetween?:

I live down in this valley, somewhere!

I live down in this valley, somewhere!

So, now I am back online I’m hoping to do some posts in the next few days, inbetween my optician appointment, my orthotic appointment, going out for lunch for my parents’ wedding anniversary and resting.  No pressure then 😉



5 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. Fiona B

    Wow….love your photos, places known very well to me…I was brought up in the same valley…my mother still lives there…feeling homesick thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Karen, The Walking Allergy

    Beautiful! I’m sorry to hear about your Dad, is it progressing rapidly? I find dementia a really tough illness to handle as a relative or support person, in truth, I think a lot of people do. It’s hard to watch someone you care for be confused, not ‘themselves’. The father of a friend of mine was going through it, and they found someone down the road with the same situation. So, the two men would visit often (and one of the two caregivers got a break.). Hard to find (a touch awkward, knocking on neighbour’s doors to ask if they have a demented relative at home), but a bug in the local gossip’s ear might help. Nevermind- I’m pretty sure you and the local gossip are not bosom buddies- you are far too honest! (You would actually tell her what you thought of her ghastly new hat, modeled after Princess Beatrix’s at her cousin’s wedding).

    Hang in there, my friend.



    1. Jak Post author

      We first started to notice my Dad was having memory problems about 18 months ago Karen. He’s still only mild at the moment thank heavens but is starting to have difficulties finding his way to familiar places, making decisions (eg what to have for lunch), is easily distracted when driving (I’d never let him get in a car on his own), working out numbers etc.

      He actually did very well on the dementia test though and the nurse said he should be a good candidate for medication which slows down the progression of the disease. We just have to get his CT scan done first so they know what type of dementia he has so they know what best to give him.

      Jak x


  3. Elizabeth Milo

    I’m sorry to hear about your Dad, too. We’re dealing with this with my aunt, I think. My Mum is having a difficult time helping her and I think my aunt is very scared by what is happening; they’ve put her on antidepressants. Did your Dad get fearful of his decline? I feel so powerless to help from over here.

    Looks like a lovely outing and stunning photos. X


    1. Jak Post author

      Aww, so sorry to hear about your Aunt EM 😦 My Dad knows he’s having memory problems, but we’ve just told him that people get forgetful as they get older. We haven’t told him he has dementia because I know that would scare him and might make him depressed. If he actually has Alzheimers I think the Doctor will insist he is told, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

      He does get frustrated with his lack of memory and ability to make decisions. However, due to her drinking my Mum’s memory is also appalling so his memory issues don’t stand out as much as they would if Mum was more on the ball.

      Both my parents are happy for me to just take over everything, so helping them in that sense is easy enough. It’s just finding the energy and the emotional strength that’s difficult for me x



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