Weekly roundup

I’m absolutely shattered.  My period this month was horrible and even though it finished 6 days ago I still have lax joints, tendons which feel like they’re ripping, stabbing nerve pain just about everywhere, feel constantly nauseous, my heartburn is rampant and the little energy I possess has done a bunk.  My cyst is also causing me no end of gyp – it’s like having a permanent stinging, burning stitch and I’m totally over it.

The good news is I heard from Newcastle and am having my first appointment at the Rapid Access Clinic (reserved for suspected cancer cases) on Monday.  It looks like I’m having to start the process all over again from the beginning as I’m seeing some junior doctor not the surgeon,  but after 5 months I’m just glad I’m finally on their radar.  It’s a big day for me, as I have to drive to town really early in the morning, drop the dog off, drive the 90 miles to Newcastle, navigate my way through a huge city, get parked, find my way in a massive hospital to the Clinic, have all the tests etc and drive 90 miles back all on my own but I’m sure it’s do-able.  Put it this way, it’s going to have to be!  My best mate offered to go with me but, much as I’d love the company, she has M.E. and I feel it’s too much to ask.  She kept telling me it’s no big deal and she doesn’t mind at all, but I know what early starts do for people with M.E. let alone hours of travelling and hours of sitting in stuffy hospitals when you have rampant back pain and POTS – it would knock her out for days.  So I’ll do this one alone but will definitely draft in her help when I actually go in for my operation.

Wednesday afternoon was my Dad’s first appointment with the memory clinic.  The Nurse was lovely and came to the house, which was better for my Dad who was much more relaxed.  She did an hour long assessment and Mum and I were gobsmacked at how well he did!  He only really failed on short term recall.  It’s weird how this highlighted that he has good and bad days with his ability to think, because the day after he was so confused he couldn’t even decide what to have for his lunch and Mum had to help him out.  Anyway, the Nurse thinks he may have to have a driving assessment (which is an excellent idea as his driving scares the shit out of me) and a CT scan to check for Alzheimers.  She thinks he is a good candidate for medication which should reduce the progression of his dementia.  All in all a really positive appointment given the circumstances.

Wednesday evening I discovered I’d won the beginner’s Print of the Year and the beginner’s Projected Digital Image of the year at Camera Club 🙂  So I’m now in line to collect 4 trophies at next week’s Annual Awards Dinner!

Thursday I was back at the garage with the car.  Despite having 2 new back tyres the steering still wasn’t right, so I had the wheels balanced and tracked which has cured the problem.  They then told me there is only 3mm of tread left on the front tyres, which will need to be replaced in the next month or so.  So that’s another £140 on top of the £140 for the back tyres and the £25 for the tracking.  FFS!

Friday Bertie had his back x-ray.  He was totally unimpressed at not being able to eat breakfast and even less impressed when I left him at the vets, but he came through the sedation fine.  Sadly the x-ray showed absolutely nothing.  I say sadly because he’s been in pain for 4 years now, since he was just a youngster.  The vet I saw last week who ordered the x-ray was all for pushing for a firm diagnosis, saying she’d send the x-ray results and his history to the specialist Orthopaedic Vet for assessment.  But I saw a different Vet when I took Bert in yesterday who said it was pointless sending him to the specialist as he’s not a surgical candidate and we are already doing what we can for him with the drugs he’s on.  I drove home in a right state, not knowing what the hell to do 😦  So I rang the Orthopaedic Vets myself, had a chat, and decided that he absolutely needs a diagnosis even if it doesn’t change the treatment he receives.  We can’t carry on blindly not knowing the reason for his symptoms or what his prognosis is likely to be.  So I’ve asked for a referral and hopefully should be able to see the specialist in the next couple of weeks.  God knows what the cost of all this will do to my insurance premiums but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.  At least being insured I won’t have to pay for the investigations, which will cost about £1500 ($2100).

I had a lovely afternoon on Saturday when my best mate came through for a visit.  I hadn’t seen her in nearly 6 weeks as we’ve both either been stupidly busy or not well enough for the 40 minute drive so it was fab to have a catch up.  It was the first time all week I felt like I just put my feet up and chilled out.  I needed it and I needed the company.  Not a soul has set foot over my doorstep since a family friend did some modelling for me 5 weeks ago.  I know that after 24 years of living alone I should be used to the isolation but sometimes I think it gets harder not easier.  And just now and again it’s nice that someone makes the effort to come to my home to see me, rather than me always being the one doing the visiting.




3 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Glo

    Hi, I’m sorry to hear you feel so awful but there were at least some positive events in your week. I’m a veterinary nurse (licensed veterinary technician) in the states and just wanted to toss out a couple of things to consider. These have probably already been done or considered but after almost 20 years in the field I know the doctors every once in a while just miss something. So my first question is have they considered something neurological? Second is about mexication. We often use a mix of drugs that can include carprofen, tramadol and gabapentin. Also putting some glucosamine on board won’t hurt. Might not help but won’t hurt. If he is not responding to the current NSAID he is on possibly a change in the type? There are several out there and he may have better luck with a different one. After all that sometimes we just don’t find any cause even after seeing the specialist. We just had such a case. Makes me wonder if there’s doggy fibromyalgia. I hope his visit helps to find answers and he has resolution to his pain. The same for you! After going through all that hopefully they put you at the head of the list for surgery and it all goes wonderfully!


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks so much Glo that’s really helpful 🙂 He’s tried 2 NSAIDs and just vomited them back up – he has a delicate stomach and they just didn’t agree with him. He did wonderfully on the Gabapentin for the first year, but the last 6 months he’s gotten worse again. He’s only on the lowest dose, so we can increase it which is great. I do need a diagnosis though, just for my own peace of mind that he doesn’t have something treatable via surgery, and that we’re giving him the best drugs for his condition. A neurological disease has never been mentioned, they’re talking more about a bulging disc but I’m not convinced. Hopefully the MRI will tell us more. Jak x



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