My crazy life

There are days I seriously worry about my memory.  Since getting ME it’s not been great but the past 2 or 3 years my forgetfulness has stepped up a gear to the point where I’m scared I’ll do something dangerous, like leave the hob on full all night.  No, wait, already done that.  Twice.

I’ve been blaming my dwindling hormones and, while I’m sure they don’t help the situation, I’m not convinced they’re the sole reason for my rapidly declining ability to remember what day of the week it is.  I actually think I just have too much on my plate and there’s only so much a noggin with the equivalent of a head injury can cope with.  Here’s last Wednesday’s schedule:

  • Woken by Bertie at 5.45am.
  • Up, dog fed, dog’s tummy rubbed, and a brew drunk (me not the dog) by 6.15am.
  • Facebook read and comments replied to, blog comments read and answered and emails read and answered by 7.15am.
  • Breakfast at 7.30am.
  • Remembered to polish silver trophies ready to return to Camera Club for annual Trophy Ceremony next month.  Placed in bag to take with me to Camera Club tonight.
  • Boxed and wrapped item I’d sold on Ebay.  Placed in bag ready to take to town to post later.
  • Up and dressed by 9am. Remember to put on SI belt and TENS machine under clothes as going to be standing a lot today and can’t take the pain without them.
  • Dog walker arrives to take Bertie out.
  • Unstacked dishwasher.
  • Restacked dishwasher with last night’s dirty pots.
  • Took a load of clothes out of washing machine and placed in tumble dryer.
  • Put another load of laundry in washing machine.
  • Remembered to put pre-cooked meal in bag to take to Mum’s.  I’m eating dinner there as I’m going into town this morning and it saves me a trip back home only to have to go into town again tonight for Camera Club.
  • Bertie arrives back with wet, dirty, feet.  Wipe paws while chatting to dog walker.
  • Tidy house as cleaner here for 3 hours this afternoon.  I won’t be in, so remember to leave out clean sheets, a list of what I’d like her to do and her wages.
  • Remembered to put Bert’s food in bag ready to take to his Nanna’s who is dog sitting tonight.
  • Remembered to put change of clothes in bag for Camera club this evening.
  • Cleaned my camera’s lenses and packed spare battery and memory card in camera bag – I am photographing Prince Charles today!
  • Bundle self, dog, camera bag, handbag, lunchbag, Camera club trophies and parcel to be posted in car.
  • Remembered to leave key in hidey hole for Cleaner.
  • Remembered to put card through neighbour’s door as it’s her birthday today.
  • 10.45am set off for town.
  • Post parcel.
  • Collect Dad and drive out to Lake.  Wait for 1½ hours sat on seat stick in freezing cold waiting for our future King to arrive.  Got great picture.  Cool 🙂
  • Drive Dad, self and dog further up the lake for lunch.  Dad’s been a bit down so wanted to take him on a rare day out for a treat.  Energy is seriously flagging.  Legs and back are on fire.  Turn up TENS machine.
  • Get back to Mum’s at 3.30pm.
  • Recently switched Mum’s electric tariff online, however there’s a problem so I spend the next 52 minutes on the phone sorting it out.  Head is now throbbing.
  • Feel so ill I make a hot water bottle and crawl into Mum’s bed for a 1½ hour battery recharge.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Wash face, comb wig, change clothes.  Feel like the waking dead.
  • Leave for Camera Club at 7.10pm, remembering to turn up TENS machine to warp 10 before setting off.
  • Have lovely two hours even though am being electrocuted and am so fuddled with exhaustion I can’t think straight 🙂
  • Pick up dog from Mum’s, drive 20 minutes home, unpack car, make hot milky drink, change into Pjs and put laptop on because I’ve forgotten to add loo roll to my Tesco basket and my shopping is arriving at 9am in the morning.
  • Midnight: still awake as too wired/tired to sleep plus can’t get hips or back comfy.
  • Bertie wakes me the next morning at 6.10am.

And so a new day begins.

Admittedly this was an exceptional day in as much as meeting Prince Charles isn’t generally on my to-do list,  the last time Dad and I went out to lunch alone together was 2012 and Camera Club only happens once a week, but on the whole this is my life.  It’s absolutely stark staring bonkers and I’m not surprised with everything I have to remember that my memory simply shuts down on me.  I’m amazed it hasn’t left home altogether.




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