The Easter Bunny Says…

…. thank you so so much for the kind, caring, supportive messages I received yesterday following my Meltdown post.  You really have no idea how much they meant to me and that you took the time and energy to write.

I’m still feeling emotionally fragile today, and my mast cells had a field day under that kind of stress, so I’m physically crap-o-la to boot but I’m sure it did me the world of good (even if it doesn’t feel like that at the mo!).

Happy Easter everyone, from me and the Easter Bunny xxx


4 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny Says…

  1. Catherine

    Very peaceful happy Easter , although happy is a bit idiotic a word to use . Happily unhappy is more appropriate a wish . Your mast cells will thank you having been ” all shook up ” with a release of the tensions, frustrations, isolation and on going navigation and relentlessness of others ” stuff” .
    Thinking of you and sending resurrecting energy to support whats already happening .
    Please let us know
    – Who we need to deck ( no Im kidding )
    – What admin kung fu we could do for you ( honestly Im willing )
    – When and if you want a stranger ( not that peculiar though , well my body is )
    coming and taking care of you after your operation .
    – if you want a rota of us supporting you Im sure we could magic up some angels masquerading as humans .
    – support on skype ???
    – non of above


    1. Jak Post author

      LOL! You can deck the Gynae Consultant’s secretary if you like – feckless article that she is!

      I’ve written to the Patient Liaison Service to see if they can sort the hospital referral out – hopefully I’ll hear from them tomorrow, but I truly appreciate the offer of help 🙂

      All for now as still exhausted x



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