Weekly roundup

Apologies for not doing a blog post this week.  I’ve had lots to say and nothing to say, so couldn’t decide what to write about.  I was going to do a post on the resignation of Work & Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith (who makes decisions on welfare for the sick and disabled) following proposed changes to disability benefits but decided it wasn’t worth my energy.  The job has been filled by someone who is a ‘yes’ man and voted in favour of reducing Employment & Support Allowance (the UK’s welfare benefit for sick people) by £30 a week, so he will probably be a worse Minister than the one who’s just resigned.

I was in tears on Thursday after receiving an automated call confirming my appointment with the Anaesthetist regarding my operation.  Only it was the Anaesthetist at my local hospital!  The Gynae Consultant’s secretary was supposed to have cancelled it after our telephone chat last Friday and if she hasn’t done that I wonder if she hasn’t done the referral to Newcastle either.  My GP says it’s the Gynae Consultant’s job to refer me to Newcastle, and the Consultant says it’s my GP’s job to refer me, and in the meantime it’s now nearly 5 months since this suspected mass was discovered and I’m not even on the fucking waiting list to have it removed.  I’ve now emailed PALS (the patient liaison service) to see if they can sort it out for me next week – I’m so emotional, anxious and frustrated by the whole thing I don’t think I have the resources to deal with it anymore without breaking down.

Being as though I’m obviously not going into hospital any time soon I decided to have a 10 day stay-cation.  I’m having 3 breaks per year: Christmas, Easter and my birthday month in Autumn which are desperately needed to relax and recharge my batteries.  So I’ve spent this last week freezing meals so that I can have a break from cooking over my ‘holiday’.  I’m also up to date on my paperwork and laundry.  I intend to spend my vacation lounging in bed, reading Dr Afrin’s book, taking pictures if the weather will let me and learning more about Photoshop (after 3 years it’s still so complicated it makes my brain explode 😉 ).

My bad news of the week is that my new cleaner, only in post for 2 months, has quit!  She is moving which, let’s face it, she would have know when she took the job on because house moves don’t happen overnight.  I’m furious and just so fed up of everyone messing me about when my life is already hard enough.

My exciting news of the week is that Prince Charles visited our region this week and I got a cracking photo of him!  My Camera Club doesn’t meet over the summer but we are set a challenge and this year’s theme is ‘photojournalism’.  I’ve been wondering what to do and thought the Prince’s Visit might be an opportunity to get a news picture.  My Dad, Bertie and I stood in the freezing cold for 1½ hours waiting for him to arrive, bored out of our skulls, and when he finally did get there he was obliterated by a huge media scrum with camera men up ladders and Secret Service personal keeping us all away (the Brussels bombing had happened just the day before and security was super tight), so the fact I managed to get a photo at all was amazing let alone one as close up as this:

Prince Charles' Visit To Cumbria

Prince Charles’ Visit To Cumbria

British Summertime begins tonight and our clocks go forward one hour.  It’s already light now at 6am and stays light until around 7pm, which is lovely after months of dark winter.  Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and my parents, Bertie and I are going out for lunch.  Mum has been drunk as a skunk by lunchtime every day this week and particularly difficult to interact with.  I’m exhausted and emotional so it’s taken every ounce of restraint I’ve got not to lose my cool with her – I do hope she can rein herself in a bit tomorrow and not spoil it for Dad and I.  Whatever your plans I hope you have a peace filled Easter.




6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Catherine

    My flabber is always gusted reading your blogs . Your courage , sanity with straightforward practical wisdom AND with a heart that keeps going is staggering . With so many people being wildly inefficient and inaffective around you it would be so easy for you to cave in .
    You don’t
    Your blogs are so gutsy and inspiring.
    Thank you


      1. Catherine

        Oh yes you do mega times over . It’s hell living in our bodies with these very complex and totally neglected conditions which are so relentlessly demanding AND THEN , AND THEN , everything else on top . It’s just to damn much , way way way too much .
        I hope you know later today that total strangers really do care about you with all that you have going on . Not much cop though really all the same just now . 💌🤔🙂
        The burden of carelessness , as I call it , makes daily interactions often and mostly like small drips of acid from so many who have forgotten or never known our common humanity.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Glo

    Great picture! You should be proud of yourself for that one. The incompetence of some people in the medical field stuns me. Its obviously just a job and was just taken for an income not because there was any compassion or urge to help others. I’m sorry you have to go through this and hope that something amazing occurs like they get things together and do their jobs. Enjoy your staycation. I try to do these too if only for a few days. It may not be a lot but it helps.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elizabeth Milo

    The hospital fiasco… My god, so sorry. How are people so inept? So careless with others’ lives? I really hope the patient liaison helped. It’s too brutal to navigate these mazes while sick. X



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