Weekly roundup

I’ve been doing my Swedish Chef routine for 3 days this week and my kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it.  I now have 32 meals and 25 lunches in my freezer, alongside dozens of smoothies and biscuits.  It’s a start.  I’ll have to have a week off though cos my hands and wrists are now so painful I can barely make a cuppa let alone anything else.

I wear my wrist braces and finger splints when my hand joints are painful but here’s the  thing…….for activities like chopping veg, where you really need some joint support, you can’t wear your braces because they get wet and dirty.  You wash your hands a LOT when you’re cooking and baking.  There is nothing worse than a soggy wet wrist brace and when my hands are wet I find my ring splints tend to slide off.  So I have to remove them, leaving my ligaments open to sprains and strains and my joints to subluxations.  And here’s another thing about hand braces – it’s impossible to wear gloves when you’re wearing them because they won’t go over the top.  So, again, for activities like walking my dog on a lead when I could really do with the support from my wrist brace I have to remove it otherwise I can’t wear my gloves and would get frost bite.  You’d think the solution would be obvious – just buy larger gloves.  Oh, if only life were that simple.  I already have child-size hands and wear gloves for a 7 year old (no kidding!).  Anything bigger means the fingers are so long I can’t actually grip anything, or pick the dog poop up, or turn the key in the car ignition.

I finally got to speak to a Social Worker about having some home care while I recover from my surgery.  Turns out you are entitled to 6 weeks free care after being in hospital, so I was thrilled about that.  The care isn’t provided by Social Services though, you have to go through a different department and you can only do that when you’re actually in hospital, which tells you everything you need to know about how care services are run in Britain.  My neighbour (the one that died last week) was admitted to hospital last month.  He only needed to be in 4 days but ended up staying for 2 whole weeks because there were no Home Care workers available and without care in the home the hospital wouldn’t discharge him.  I have contacted Social Services well in advance of my op so that I’m on the system, all my finances are sorted, they know what my illnesses entail and what kind of care I need so that they can plan my care on discharge from hospital and I won’t end up lingering in there for weeks unnecessarily …….but this is all way too efficient and the system apparently can’t cope with that level of organisation.  Instead you’re supposed to arrange everything while you’re actually in hospital recovering from surgery and feeling like crap.  Then when you get home you’re supposed to show the Home Care worker where your food and crockery is kept, how to work the cooker and dishwasher, how to work the shower, where the towels are kept, where your hairdryer is etc. etc.  when you can barely get out of bed.  FFS.

On to lighter news.  My Great Tit picture came second in this week’s Camera Club competition.  This is the last Projected Digital Image competition of the season and, over the year, I have the highest score which means I’ll be promoted from the Beginner’s League to the Intermediate League in September.   I won’t be winning any more competitions in the Intermediate League because it contains some seriously good photographers, one of whom has a photography degree and her own wedding business, however it’s not a bad thing to have the pressure taken off to do well and means I can enter more ‘risky’ creative images and it doesn’t matter if they bomb.

Open wide

I have an increasingly painful right foot, just to the left of the ball on the base and down from my first toe (ie in the middle at the top of the underside).  It’s been sore for some months now and I have no idea why.  I mentioned it to the Orthotics woman when I went for my new insoles the other week and she just said “hmmm” and left it at that.  It’s so acutely painful by evening I find it hard to walk on.  If any of you have any ideas as to what it might be please speak up!

I’ve woken with a few red itchy patches on my body this past week and again have no clue why.  This appeared in the crook of my arm on Monday and, although it’s now less red, it’s still itching:

Photo of rash on armI had a similar red itchy blob appear on the outside of my groin/thigh and one on my other leg.  I’m also still getting the odd hive on my behind which is probably the longest outbreak I’ve had, having gone on for nearly 5 months now.  And to add insult to injury Spring is on the way and so is my hayfever.  At least life is never dull 😉


4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Kara

    Hahaha, love the video. It’s great that you’ll have someone there to help out, but I do agree the way it’s done is a bit asinine. It sounds like the way things are done here, at least within the military health system. It seems only people with zero common sense make the rules. Maybe if you label the contents of your kitchen cabinets, and closets, then post them on the appropriate doors it will help, although you’ve already been working your hiney off. I’m thoroughly impressed with how much cooking you’ve done, especially with all of the logistical issues. I wish I had your tenacity!


  2. Livvy_Sheep


    Must have missed this post in my inbox.. Woke up with shitty migraines again… Watched the vid you put up… Truely laughing out loud.. Thank you for cheering me up!!!! Sorry you’ve had to do so much cooking! Your a fan inspiration tho.. Even tho you must still be recovering. You did make me laugh also about the home care and you being ‘too organised’ for the SS! I think I’ve had over 30 different carers in 2 years, and that was because we made a fuss for consistency! It’s flippin nuts!!!!!!! So YES I’ve finally taken to labelling my wardrobe so they can find stuff!!! 🙃😵🙄

    Liked by 1 person


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