Weekly roundup

And what a week it’s been!

Sadly my neighbour passed away, so most of my ‘out of bed’ hours on Tuesday were spent through in the city attending his funeral.  He was nearly 90 and had advanced Parkinson’s Disease, so to be fair it was a release both for him and his wife but, blessing or not, after 62 years of marriage she’s going to be bereft.

Of course you already know about Wednesday’s hospital appointments.  I’m leaning towards not having the surgery done at my local (shit) hospital, but asking for a referral to the RVI in Newcastle which is the northern regional gynae centre and who specialize in endometriosis (which I’m convinced they’ll find when they open me up ontop of possibly finding cancer).  My GP is happy to support me in the decision – I might ring the RVI and try and speak to someone to get a feel of how they’d handle my complex situation next week.

My fellow UK blogger over at A Reluctant Contortionist pointed me in the direction of his really helpful post on EDS and anaesthetics which contained a link to a good article which I’ve printed off to give to the anaesthetist who performs my surgery.

Y’know, this week has proved to me just how far removed from reality both my parents are.  When my Mum was diagnosed with her lung tumour 4 years ago both my Dad and I were with her at the appointment, we looked after her, supported her, pampered her and made sure she never went through anything alone.  This week I went to my appointment on my own, was told I might have cancer on my own, drove the 30 miles home on my own, then re-siliconed my Mum’s shower tray that afternoon like nothing had happened.  It’s bizarre.  I do have to say though that my best mate did offer to come to my appointment with me, for which I was incredibly grateful, and I’ve had some lovely, supportive emails off other friends this week – just a shame my parents haven’t stepped up to the plate in the same way, not that either of them are capable: my Mum is drunk and my Dad is confused.com.

Wednesday night was a competition between mine and two other local camera clubs.  The portrait of my Mum which came last the other week had been chosen by my club as one of our competition entries…….and came 4th.  I didn’t attend the event as I was too unwell, but apparently there was an audible “wow” from the audience and the judge said that with a bit of tweaking it should be entered in an international exhibition.   I’m chuffed it finally got some recognition, but find it bonkers that judges look at images so differently when they should all be following similar guidelines on what makes a good and bad picture.

Friday I took my Dad to the GP about his water works and memory issues.  She was brilliant with him, diagnosed an enlarged prostate and put him on medication.  She now wants us to go back for a 2nd appointment where she’ll perform a memory test.  I was actually surprised at how honest my Dad was about his memory, so it’s obviously been bothering him more than he’s let on bless him.

In amongst all this I’ve had a really vile period, which has been incredibly painful and exhausting, yayy!

To end on a more positive note, I see Coronation Street are giving the actress Cherylee Houston who plays wheelchair user Izzy another storyline connected to her EDS (which she has both in real life and in the soap).  She gets pushed over in her wheelchair and suffers a dislocation as a result.  Her ensuing pain means she goes down the road of using cannabis for relief.  Her previous storyline involved using a surrogate after complications from her EDS made her miscarry her own child.  It’s so brilliant Corrie chose to use Cherylee’s EDS in the show as it has millions of viewers who will all help spread the word about our condition.

Those of you with significant others will know it’s Valentines Day on Sunday.  Those of us who are single will spend the day hibernating.  I did receive a card about 5 years ago from a secret admirer………..who turned out to be my mate Helen feeling sorry for me.  It’s bad enough being a singleton on the most romantic day of the year without being a pitied singleton.  I shall run myself a hot bath and feed myself chocolate – I draw the line at buying myself flowers, cos that’s just sad and a bit pathetic 😉




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